Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm going MAC baby!

Okay - this may be super silly that I am beyond excited...but I feel like a kid at Christmas. Tonight, I ordered a MAC. Bye, bye PC. Back when I started at Bellevue Community College for Web Design in 2000, I had really wanted a good 'ol Mac, but they were far too expensive. So, even though the basis of what I use my computer for is artsy (photography, videos, etc.), I have stuck with the cheaper PC. Lately, I have been running into problems galore while trying to push my pc creatively. It has really made me come to dread having to get things done that take a lot of processing power like video tutorials. Watch out though, I can't wait to try out iMovie ;) I think while I wait for the good guys at Apple to put my new 'puter together, I'll plan some new tutorials!

Ooh, I almost forgot to mention. If getting a Mac wasn't cool enough, I am getting the newest versions of Adobe's Creative Suite (photoshop, flash, illustrator, dreamweaver, etc). Thank goodness for good student discounts!


  1. I love my Mac and when I bought it I could sign up for one to one lessons once a week for a year for a hundred dollars. The lessons lasted an hour. Hope you enjoy.

  2. You will love it. IMovie is so much fun to play with! I just wish I made more time for it.



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