Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Final Day for the Clearance Sale (December 17th)

December is flying by and today marks the final day for the unbelievable Close To My Heart Clearance Sale.  Check it out at ... and remember that each order will count as an entry into my drawing for a $25 Close To My Heart Gift Certificate!!

While at the clearance sale, I encourage you to add a goody box to your order.  What a fun box to receive, each box contains at least $100 in scrapbooking and stamping goodies.  Here is what my box contained - take a picture of your box when you receive it, send it to me by email and I'll send you another goodie!

D1130 Random Thoughts
D1100 Classic Caps
Z1110 Spring Blossom Brads
Z464 Summer Carnival Sassy Strands
Z400 White Daisy Sassy Strands
Z1083 Amethyst Waxy Flax
Z295 Spring Harmony Bigger Brads
X7083C Let's Get Together
X5719 Black Base Pages
Z7094B Paper Garden Level 2 Paper Packet
Spring Harmony Textured Cardstock

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December Card Class - Gift Card Holders

Sun 12/6 (2-4 pm) - or -
Mon 12/7 (6:30-8:30 pm) - or -
Tues 12/8 (6:30-8:30 pm)
Card class is a great way to grow your paper crafting skills, and have fun making beautiful cards! Every month we make 3 cards and I teach a new technique or focus on new embellishments.
Class is just $7.50 or FREE with a $20 order.
You must RSVP with desired date/time if you would like to attend (spaces fill quickly): or (425) 413-4280
Please bring your favorite adhesive to class and be on time!N
Not sure about attending: visit for more information.

Unable to attend class, but would like to purchase supplies used on these cards visit

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Save 50-80% & Win a $25 Gift Certificate

Save 50 - 80% with the Online Clearance Sale
Starts Tomorrow (December 2nd) at 9am
go to [] to shop

Wow-o-wow, I can hardly contain myself. Close To My Heart is following up Stampaganza with another amazing special - a Holiday Clearance Sale.

Tomorrow (December 2nd) at 9am you'll want to be inline [online] and ready to save 50 - 80% on stamp sets (from $2), paper packets (from $5), embellishments and more...[view list]

For the best deal check out the "grab bags" filled with over $100 in product for just $30

Plus, you'll receive great shipping deals on orders over $100 (flate shipping rate of just $5).

These products are only available while supplies last, so get your order in right away to make sure you get all that is on your list ;)

WIN A $25 Close To My Heart Gift Certificate
Purchases from my website during the Online Clearance Sale and be entered to win! One entry for every order!

go to [] to shop

Please be patient while shopping and checking out. Imagine Black Friday with door buster savings - there is a chance that there'll be throngs of people in line with you for the same items. The good thing is that you'll be cozy in your chair with a good cup of your favorite drink and relaxing while shopping. Hopefully, you won't notice any delays and have a blast shopping. - Christine

go to [] to shop

Holiday Heyday Clearance Sale Items
CC1008 Grab Bag $30.00 (includes over $100 in product!)
Z9990 Key to My Heart Paper Pack $5.00
Z9991 Just Because Card Base $2.00
Z9992 Life Delights Pack $4.00
Z9993 Promise of Spring Pack $5.00
Z9994 Magic Moments Pack $10.00

Z464 Sassy Strands Summer Carnival Collection $1.00
Z400 Sassy Strands White Daisy Collection $1.00
Z467 Sassy Strands Spring Blossom Collection $1.00
Z401 Sassy Strands Autumn Harvest Collection $1.00
Z402 Sassy Strands Winter Classic Collection $1.00
Z463 Sassy Strands Spring Harmony Collection $1.00
Z466 Sassy Strands Autumn Garden Collection $1.00
Z465 Sassy Strands Winter Cozy Collection $1.00
Z468 Sassy Strands Summer Celebration Collection $1.00

Z1108 Chocolate Brads $3.00
1759 Silver Brads $3.00
Z1105 White Daisy Brads $3.00
Z1107 Black Brads $3.00
Z1111 Brads Summer Carnival Assortment $3.00
Z1137 Brads Spring Harmony Assortment $3.00
Z297 Bigger Brads Autumn Harvest Assortment $7.00
Z298 Bigger Brads Winter Classic Assortment $7.00
Z1051 Bitty Brads $3.00

Z288 My Accents Topiary Accessories $6.00
Z285 My Accents Garden Green Accessories $6.00
Z286 My Accents Outdoor Denim Accessories $6.00
Z284 My Accents Cranberry Accessories $6.00
Z290 My Accents Autumn Terracotta Accessories $6.00
Z196 My Accents Baby Pink Accessories $6.00

Z1015 Clear Inspirations Believe Ribbon Slides $1.00
Z1013 Clear Inspirations Precious Ribbon Slides $1.00

Z1133 3/8" White Daisy Ricrac Ribbon (bulk) $4.00
Z803 Organdy Ribbon Rounds Spring Blossom Coll. $4.00
Z807 Organdy Ribbon Rounds Autumn Garden Coll. $4.00
Z802 Organdy Ribbon Rounds Spring Harmony Coll. $4.00
Z808 Organdy Ribbon Rounds Winter Classic Collection $4.00
Z804 Organdy Ribbon Rounds Summer Carnival Coll. $4.00
Z805 Organdy Ribbon Rounds Summer Celebration Coll. $4.00
Z1301 Designer Ribbon Rounds Chocolate Collection $4.00
Z823 Designer Ribbon Rounds Autumn Terracotta Coll. $4.00
Z1306 Designer Ribbon Rounds Heartfelt Collection $4.00
Z1305 Designer Ribbon Rounds Holiday Collection $4.00
Z816 Ribbon Rounds White Daisy Collection $4.00
Z814 Designer Ribbon Rounds Cocoa Collection $4.00
Z812 Designer Ribbon Rounds Hollyhock Collection $4.00
Z1303 Designer Ribbon Rounds Outdoor Denim Coll. $4.00
Z815 Designer Ribbon Rounds Twilight Collection $4.00

Z331 Eyelet Mat $2.00
Z169 Black Eyelets $2.00
Z159 Buttercup Eyelets $2.00
Z136 Heavenly Blue Eyelets $2.00
Z171 Pewter Eyelets $2.00
Z149 Garden Green Eyelets $2.00
Z165 New England Ivy Eyelets $2.00
Z153 Indian Corn Blue Eyelets $2.00
Z150 Autumn Terracotta Eyelets $2.00
Z179 Chocolate Eyelets $2.00

Z1012 Braggin' Tags™ Mini Album $3.00
Z1017 My Creations™ Circle Album $3.00

1776 1/8" Long Reach Punch $7.00
1762 Write 'n' Rub™ Pen $6.00
X1401 StickStock® Linen $6.00
X1400 StickStock® Twill $6.00
Z820 Window Charms™ Squares $5.00
Z922 Pastel Coloring Pencils $4.00
Z920 Earth Coloring Pencils $4.00
X8701 Floral Impressions Embossed Photo Mats $4.00
Z1044 Dimensional Elements Basic Shapes $3.00
Z4128 Foundry® Frames $3.00
Z1134 Holiday Fabric Tags $3.00
Z309 Sculpting™ Foam $2.00
Z657 Vineyard Berry Embossing Powder $2.00
Z1010 Colored Staples $2.00
X277 5" x 5 1/2" Clear Cello Envelopes $2.00
4109 6" x 6" Matte Memory Protectors® (15) $2.00
X143 Door Hangers with Pouch (10) $1.00

X8519 My Child's Reflections™ All About My Family $4.00

X5802 Creative Basics Everlasting Collection $5.00
X5803 Creative Basics Silhouette Collection $5.00
X5804 Creative Basics Boom-Di-Ada Collection $5.00

X7045A My Reflections Vintage Travel Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7045C My Reflections Vintage Travel My Stickease $4.00

X7056A My Reflections Discovery Level 1 Kit $5.00

X7060A My Reflections Heirloom Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7060B My Reflections Heirloom Level 2 Paper Packet $6.50

X7061A My Reflections Floral Impressions Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7061B My Reflections Floral Impressions L2 Paper Pack $6.50
X7061C My Reflections Floral Impressions My Stickease $4.00

X7062A My Reflections Laid Back Level 1 Kit $5.00

X7069A My Reflections Just Chillin' Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7069C My Reflections Just Chillin' My Stickease $4.00

X7071A My Reflections Best Friends Forever Level 1 Kit $5.00

X7072A My Reflections School Zone Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7072B My Reflections School Zone L2 Paper Packet $6.50
X7072C My Reflections School Zone L2 My Stickease $4.00

X7073A My Reflections Abundance Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7073B My Reflections Abundance Level 2 Paper Packet $6.50
X7073C My Reflections Abundance L2 My Stickease $4.00

X7076A My Reflections Sonata Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7076C My Reflections Sonata Level 2 My Stickease $4.00

X7077C My Reflections Sweet Harmony My Stickease $4.00

X7078A My Reflections Cutie Pie Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7078C My Reflections Cutie Pie Level 2 My Stickease $4.00

X7079A My Reflections Rough n Tumble Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7079B My Reflections Rough 'N Tumble L2 Paper Packet $6.50
X7079C My Reflections Rough 'N Tumble My Stickease $4.00

X7080A My Reflections Route 66 Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7080C My Reflections Route 66 Level 2 My Stickease $4.00

X7082A My Reflections Expedition Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7082C My Reflections Expedition L2 My Stickease $4.00

X7083A My Reflections Let's Get Together Level 1 Kit $5.00

X7084A My Reflections Floral Tapestry Level 1 Kit $5.00

X7085A My Reflections Everlasting Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7085B My Reflections Everlasting Level 2 Paper Packet $6.50
X7085C My Reflections Everlasting L2 My Stickease $4.00

X7086A My Reflections Caprice Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7086B My Reflections Caprice Level 2 Paper Packet $6.50
X7086C My Reflections Caprice Level 2 My Stickease $4.00

X7087A My Reflections Enchanted Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7087B My Reflections Enchanted Level 2 Paper Packet $6.50
X7087C My Reflections Enchanted L2 My Stickease $4.00

X7088A My Reflections Free Spirit Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7088B My Reflections Free Spirit Level 2 Paper Packet $6.50
X7088C My Reflections Free Spirit L2 My Stickease $4.00

X7089A My Reflections Life Delights Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7089C My Reflections Life Delights L2 My Stickease $4.00

X7093A My Reflections Sweet Pea Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7093B My Reflections Sweet Pea Level 2 Paper Packet $6.50
X7093C My Reflections Sweet Pea L2 My Stickease $4.00

X7094A My Reflections Paper Garden Level 1 Kit $5.00
X7094C My Reflections Paper Garden L2 My Stickease $4.00

X7099A My Reflections Whoops-A-Daisy Level 1 Kit $5.00

X8524 Simply Snapshots Rough 'N Tumble Album Pages $4.00
X8525 Simply Snapshots Lets Get Together Album Pgs $4.00
X8526 Simply Snapshots Floral Tapestry Album Pages $4.00
X8528 Simply Snapshots Everlasting Album Pages $4.00
X8529 Simply Snapshots Silhouette Album Pages $4.00
X8530 Simply Snapshots Sweet Pea Album Pages $4.00
X8531 Simply Snapshots Boom-Di-Ada Album Pages $4.00
X8532 Simply Snapshots Perfect Day Album Pages $4.00

X8608 My Originals Groovy Blossoms Card Kit $6.50
X8611 My Originals Pretty Purses Card Kit $6.50
X8613 My Originals Peaceful Season Card Kit $6.50
X8614 My Originals Holiday Photo Greetings Card Kit $6.50
X8615 My Originals From The Heart Card Kit $6.50
X8617 My Originals Holiday Wishes Card Kit $6.50
X8620 My Originals Merry & Bright Card Kit $6.50

Stamp Sets
A1084 My Acrylix Sweet Flowers (Set Of 6) $2.00
A1092 My Acrylix Simple Invites (Set Of 16) $2.00
A1093 My Acrylix Genuine Fun (Set Of 4) $2.00

B1071 My Acrylix Playful Numbers (Set Of 20) $4.00
B1167 My Acrylix Thinking Of You (Set Of 6) $4.00
B1182 My Acrylix Let It Snow (Set Of 6) $4.00
B1215 My Acrylix Life Is (Set Of 16) $4.00
B1258 My Acrylix Merry Little Christmas (Set Of 7) $4.00
B1260 My Acrylix Let Us Adore Him (Set Of 5) $4.00
B1262 My Acrylix Celebration Labels (Set Of 34) $4.00
B1277 My Acrylix Hello Friend (Set Of 13) $4.00

C1079 My Acrylix Playful Lowercase (Set Of 52) $6.00
C1198 My Acrylix Let's Play Ball (Set Of 8) $6.00
C1209 My Acrylix Christmas Scripts (Set Of 13 $6.00
C1221 My Acrylix Choo Choo Train (Set Of 8) $6.00
C1222 My Acrylix Seasonal Thoughts (Set Of 39) $6.00
C1226 My Acrylix Floral Charms (Set Of 12) $6.00
C1227 My Acrylix Our Wedding Day (Set Of 13) $6.00
C1244 My Acrylix Glistening Snow (Set Of 11) $6.00
C1245 My Acrylix O Christmas Tree (Set Of 26) $6.00
C1252 My Acrylix Abundance Borders (Set Of 4) $6.00

D1013 My Acrylix Playful Caps (Set Of 57) $8.00
D1111 My Acrylix Card Sentiments (Set Of 10) $8.00
D1115 My Acrylix Princess (Set Of 17) $8.00
D1211 My Acrylix First Class (Set Of 10) $8.00
D1126 My Acrylix Precious Alphabet (Set Of 52) $8.00
D1140 My Acrylix Miracle (Set Of 9) $8.00
D1146 My Acrylix Back To Nature (Set Of 7) $8.00
D1152 My Acrylix Follow Your Dreams (Set Of 15) $8.00
D1153 My Acrylix Because Of You (Set Of 16) $8.00
D1165 My Acrylix Bundled Up (Set Of 10) $8.00
D1175 My Acrylix Steep And Deep (Set Of 12) $8.00
D1176 My Acrylix Youthful Heart (Set Of 13) $8.00
D1179 My Acrylix Festive Thoughts (Set Of 14) $8.00
D1086 My Acrylix Birthday Bash (Set Of 16) $8.00
D1197 My Acrylix My One & Only (Set Of 11) $8.00

go to [] to shop

Monday, November 30, 2009

Cyber Monday & Final Day for Stampaganza

StampaganzaThis month has flown by and today marks the final day to take advantage of Stampaganza - Buy two My Acrylix Stamps and get a third FREE! [Go Shopping Nowor [Contact Meto place your order!

Plus receive the super cute Around The Block stamp of the month at a discount or for FREE (with qualifying purchase).

Now is the perfect time to get those cute stamps that are retiring at the end of the year. Be sure to order your favorites right away as these are only available while supplies last or until December 31, 2009. [Retiring 
Stamp List]

**Cyber Monday Specials**
Amazing Discounts/FREE Product 
for orders $50 or more!
You must [Contact Me] for complete details. 
Orders must be submitted via email.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The photo is ready finally...

*You can click on the photo to see it full size*
I know I have been rather quiet lately - here is the reason... I have been waiting for Close To My Heart to post the picture of my "WINNING" layout.  Yes, you read that right - I won the layout contest at Regionals in Oregon! I was tickled to be selected among the Top 5 for both the cards and the layouts, but I really want to win a layout contest. Since I have won a card contest, I wanted to feel balanced (silly I know).  One of my favorite parts of winning is simply having a professional photo taken of my projects on bright white backgrounds - it makes me SO happy!

I am going to send my card back in to Corporate for our monthly From the Heart contest, so I'll post a photo of it later. :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

CTMH Stampaganza: Buy 2 Stamp Sets / Get 1 FREE

Whether you're a long time fan of stamps or are just venturing into this fun hobby, now is the perfect time to grab some My Acrylix® decorative stamp sets! From November 3–30, 2009, when you purchase any two stamp sets (sizes A, B, C, D, and/or E only) at full retail price you will receive a third stamp set of your choice FREE (of equal or lesser value)— a savings of up to $22.95! Choose from any stamp set currently offered in any 2009 Idea Book or online. Take advantage of this month’s great offer to add to your assortment of these innovative stamps. [Go Shopping Now]

Now is the perfect time to get those cute stamps that are retiring at the end of the year. Be sure to order your favorites right away as these are only available while supplies last or until December 31, 2009. [Retiring Stamp List]

PLUS, recieve the super cute Around The Block stamp of the month at a discount or for FREE (with qualifying purchase).Stamp of the Month

Host a home gathering or a catalog party this November
and earn even more FREE goodies! Contact me for more information!

[Go Shopping Now] or [Contact Me] to place your order!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Over the Top Blog Award

One of the best things about Close To My Heart are the relationships and connections to other women (crafters can be guys too). Even though we haven't met, I read Amy's blog every time she posts and feel like she is already a part of my CTMH circle.  She is deploying for Iraq, so please keep her (and all the others) in your prayers.

With that in mind it was an extra treat that I received the Over the Top Blog Award from not only Amy, but also Christine.  I am always honored to have my peers recognize me, makes me smile ;) Thank you ladies!

So here is the deal ladies.... The Rules are:
1. You can only use ONE word!!!
2. Pass this along to 5 of your favorite bloggers!
3. Alert them that you have given them this award!
4. HAVE FUN!!!

Now the FUN PART!!!! 
(one word? right do you know me, lol, that's a hard one)
1. Where is your cell phone? somewhere?
2. Your hair? mess

3. Your mother? loved
4. Your father?
5. Your fave food? Diet Coke (that's one word right?)
6. Your dream last night? none
7. Your fave drink? Diet Coke
8. Your dream/goal? happiness
9. What room are you in? office
10. Your hobby? photography
11. Your fear? loss
12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? here
13. Where you were last night? home
14. Something that you aren't? dishonest
15. Muffins? blueberry
16. Wish List Item? video camera
17. Where did you grow up? Washington
18. Last thing you did? Blog
19. What are you wearing? clothes (lol)
20. Your TV? Duggars
21. Your Pets? sleeping
22. Friends? love
23. Your Life? spectacular
24. Your Mood? sleepy
25. Missing Someone?
26. Vehicle? Maxima
27. Something your not wearing? MakeUp
28. Your fave store? Costco
29. Your fave color? Fall
30. Last time you laughed? Today
31. Last time you cried? Tonight
32. Your best friend? Brian
33. One place that I go to over and over? Costco
34. One person who emails regularly? NonaChats
35. Fave place to eat? Zao's Noodle Bar

Monday, October 26, 2009

Celebration/Hit The Deck Sale

This year, I'd like to achieve one more dream with Close To My Heart and I'll need your help to do so. I'd love to take my husband on Close To My Heart's incentive cruise on the Norwegian EPIC.

To thank you for supporting me over the last 5 years and helping me achieve the cruise, I am having a "Celebration/Hit the Deck" sale.

Order $100*
Get: Anything in the Idea Book priced
Between $18 and $20 FREE
-- Plus, you'll receive the stamp of the Month FREE --

Order $75*
Get: Anything in the Idea Book priced
Between $12 and $14 FREE

Order $50*
Get: Anything in the Idea Book priced
Between $9 and $11 FREE

Order $30*
Get: Anything in the Idea Book priced
Between $4.50 and $6 FREE

Call (425) 413 - 4280 or email

The sale runs NOW through October 31st and is available to all customers. You will need to submit your “Hit the Deck” orders through me to receive your free item(s) and they will not be available in the online ordering.

*Order total BEFORE shipping and tax is added in.
**Customer pays shipping and tax on free item.
***Order can not be combined with any other specials provided by Christine David (kit of the month club, budget club, etc.)

Thank you for an amazing 5 years!

Today marks my 5 year anniversary with Close To My Heart - what an amazing 5 years it has been! Thank you to each and every one of my customers (who have become dear friends) for keeping me employed while helping me live my dreams!  -- Watch my next post for a Celebration (Thank You) Sale --

When I started Conner was just three months old.  Hard to believe that he is now 5 and in Kindergarten. When I was pregnant with Conner I felt such anxiety, because I knew that I didn't want to leave him to go back to work. Yet, I felt like there was really no choice, we were struggling as it was (with me working) to pay our monthly bills.  Thankfully, I had been introduced to Close To My Heart by Kris Croce years before, although I never became a regular scrapbooker or cardmaker - the one class I attended planted a seed. So, when trying to figure out a way I could stay home with our brand new son, it crossed my mind. I remember how much fun she had teaching us and thought "maybe, I could do that" - never guessing that not only could I do it, I'd be good at it and LOVE it! My husband and I chatted about it and I called Chris to see about joining her team. She had since moved on but offered an excited "go for it!" Soon after that phone call, I found my upline online and am so glad that I went for it (my husband even had to sell a motorcycle to pay for my kit - talk about a great investment).

Starting out with CTMH, I had no grand dreams - I merely wanted to make a little money to help with the bills.  Quickly I discovered that I could replace my previous part time income and have fun doing it. To be as honest and open as I always am - we had a lot of debt (pushing 30k). I share this because I am proud to say that not only did becoming a CTMH Consultant allow me to stay home with my son, it helped me pay off EVERY penny of that debt! We had always dreamed about building a home, but with the debt and my decision to stay home with our son, it seemed like it would never happen. As soon as the debt was paid off (thanks to the help of CTMH), the dream became a reality.  In December of 2008 we completed our dream home.

Beyond the financial benefits, I have been rewarded beyond belief: through amazing relationships with women (both customers and fellow Consultants) who share the same heartfelt desires, by achieving successes that I never would have imagined I was capable of (top new recruiter/2nd overall in recruiting/winning art contests/being featured in our catalog), and feeling valued by the Corporate staff at Close To My Heart.

To celebrate I spent the day playing with my two boys (Blake joined our family November 11, 2007) in our dream home.  It seemed an appropriate way to celebrate my 5th anniversary with Close To My Heart - because I do not believe that I would be here if I had not become a Consultant on October 26, 2004.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming a CTMH Consultant, I would love to be the Consultant that plants a seed that could change your life.  Email me at for a free information packet and to ask any questions you might have!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

More Jingle for your Jangle: Christmas Card Workshops

Give the gift of unique handmade Christmas cards this year! These cards are faster, simpler, easier and more cost effective than ever before. Each kit (either Jingle or Sweet Home) include all supplies needed to create 20 stunning cards (4 cards of 5 different styles), envelopes along with cutting diagrams and instructions so you can recreate these cards later.
Cost is $25 or even better, FREE with your $25 Close To My Heart order!
Don't miss this fantastic workshop!
Saturday, October 24 @ 10am - or - [3 spaces left]
Tuesday, October 27 @ 6:30pm - or - [8 spaces left]
Sunday, November 8 @ 2pm - or - [FULL]
Tuesday, November 10 @ 6:30pm [5 spaces left]

*Don't see a date that works for you or would like to schedule a private workshop with friends? Email me at or call me (425) 413-4280 to schedule your own card workshop!
Call or email me to reserve your spot for you (and a friend) today!

RSVP to Christine David 
425.413.4280 or 

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

No Calorie Sweet Treat: Cupcake Photo Holder Class

Treat that special someone (maybe yourself) to this sweet treat without the calories. I'll show you how to create this adorable little treat in my Cupcake Workshop. Using foam for frosting, a selection of brads as colorful sprinkles and paper from one of our My Reflections paper packet, you'll be able to create two cupcakes from each workshop kit - making this an affordable gift for all. Cost is just $20 for class supplies (2 cupcakes)!

Attend class on November 15th @ 7:00 Buy Now 
[only 5 spaces remain]

Purchase Your Virtual Kit Now Buy Now
Purchase this "virtual workshop" for just $25 (includes shipping*). Supplies to complete 2 cupcakes (!) are provided in your kit. Plus, you'll receive a step by step video tutorial walking you through the entire cupcake creation process.

(*) Cost of shipping does not include insurance. Once the package is entrusted to the post office, I can not be held responsible for lost or damage packages. If you would like to purchase insurance, please email me prior to workshop purchase. (!) Basic Supplies Needed: thread [white] and needle, glue gun and a rolling pin.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jingle with a little Twinkle - Christmas or celebrating throughout the year?

As the holidays approach we are all starting to look ahead at the gifts that we'll be giving loved one's.  Why not skip the store's and create something from the heart this year like the stationery set shown above! Close To My Heart's Jingle paper packet may appear to be a "Christmas" set of papers. Take another look at it and you'll see paper perfect to celebrate birthday's and so much more.

On November 15th, Stephanie and her guests will be treated to this project.  Stephanie is awesome and I look forward to spoiling her (and her guests)! Are you interested in hosting a girl's night out and earning hostess rewards (free product) and creating a special project with your friends? Email me at to schedule your night of fun!

~ Featured Supplies ~

Jingle Kit of the Month

Tulip Ink Pad

Creme Brulee Ink Pad

White Daisy Ribbon

Twinkle Brads

Cards & Envelopes

"Add to Cart" opens a second (shopping) window with the selected item. Shrink the blog window and the new shopping window until you  you can see both windows on your screen. This will make it easier for you to add the additional featured items to your cart. Enter your desired quantity and click add to cart for each item in the shopping window.

*When ordering stamps: don't forget to add any blocks you may need.

View Specials and Upcoming Events - Be Inspired - Shop Online 24/7 at 

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kit of the Month: Grace

October Kit of the Month: GraceGrace Kit of the Month LayoutsGrace Kit of the Month Cards

Basic Kit
Kit of the Month: Basic Kit
~ My Reflections Grace    Level 2 Paper Packet
 ~ My Acrylix Beautiful
    Flourish Stamp Set
 ~ Rustic Edge Anchors
 ~ Color Workshop Guide

Retail Value $33.85
You Pay: $29.95 (+tax/sh)

Best Option
Club members receive the Basic Craft Buttons for FREE - a $7.95 value. Become a Kit Club Member (find out more... )

Basic Craft Buttons

Crystal Blue
Waxy Flax

Class or Local Kit To Go
If you are local you may purchase a kit and attend kit class where you can create your choice of cards, layotus or a combination of both. You may also pick up your kit to go.

Join us for kit class on:
October 25th @ 2pm
at My Studio in Maple Valley, WA

Email your kit selection to
You will then receive an invoice for payment.

Local RSVP &  Payment due by Sunday, October 17th

Additional Required Tools

Don't forget to add these items if you don't already own them.

D1195 My Acrylix® The Works Alphabet $22.95
Y1001 1" × 1 1/2" My Acrylix® Block $4.50
Y1003 2" × 2" My Acrylix® Block $6.50
Y1010 2" × 6 1/2" My Acrylix® Block $9.95
Z2114 Cocoa Exclusive Inks® Pad $5.25
Z2160 Twilight Exclusive Inks® Pad $5.25
Z1114 Piercing Tool Kit $5.95

Ordering Tips
 "Add to Cart" opens a second (shopping) window with the selected item. Shrink the blog window and the new shopping window until you  you can see both windows on your screen. This will make it easier for you to add the additional featured items to your cart. Enter your desired quantity and click add to cart for each item in the shopping window

Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Few Answers

How did you make the felt reindeer?
The felt reindeer is from our HeartFelt Die-Cuts: Wonder (Item #Z120).  This is an adorable collection of fall designs - pre-cut: just need to be popped out.  Along with the deer, you'll find squirrels, owls, acorns, trees, frames, leaves, snowflakes and more. If you like the Wonder Die Cuts, you might also enjoy the Whimsy Die Cuts.

HeartFelt Die Cuts:

HeartFelt Die Cuts:

How did you add the "shopping" cart option to your blog?
While I'd love to answer this question for everyone.  Since it involved a good deal of web design knowledge (and coding), I will not be able to provide instruction.  Thank you for understanding!

Jingle, Holiday Trinkets, Ribbon, Rub On Glitter

This is one of those cards where I was just using left overs and ended up a card I love!  Doubling up ribbon adds an extra ooh la la. Throw in our new Winter Cheer: Glitter Rub-Ons and we have a winner!

I used the glitter rub ons a bit different here.  Instead of using the adhesive designs in the package, I used a glue pen to create my own designs (the dots on the ornament).  After my glue pen dried to to a "post it" note tackiness, I used the glitter sheet and rubbed it on.

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Holiday Trinkets

Tulip Exclusive Inks

White Organdy Ribbon

Rounds: Sorbet

Winter Cheer:
Glitter Rub Ons

"Add to Cart" opensa second (shopping) window with the selected item. Shrink the blog window and the new shopping window until you  you can see both windows on your screen. This will make it easier for you to add the additional featured items to your cart. Enter your desired quantity and click add to cart for each item in the shopping window.

*When ordering stamps: don't forget to add any blocks you may need.

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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rudolph finds his Jingle with a Twinkle Brad and Rub Ons

This card was inspired by a display at Leadership - I fell in love with the deer from Close To My Heart's Wonder - Heartfelt Die Cuts.  Using the Across the Board rub-ons, I gave him a little character.  But he wouldn't be Rudolph without his nose so bright which our new Twinkle Brads were perfect for.

~ Featured Supplies ~

Jingle Paper Packet

Heartfelt Die Cuts: Wonder

Twinkle Brads

Clear Craft Buttons

Across the Board Rub-Ons

Cranberry Waxy Flax

"Add to Cart" opensa second (shopping) window with the selected item. Shrink the blog window and the new shopping window until you  you can see both windows on your screen. This will make it easier for you to add the additional featured items to your cart. Enter your desired quantity and click add to cart for each item in the shopping window.

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Rebecca's party guests are getting a jump on the holidays...

Rebecca's ready to party on the 17th and I'm going to help her and her friends get ready for the holiday season by showing them how fast and easy our My Originals kits make creating unique, handmade cards. We'll start with the basics, add some bling and a little stamping to the Around the Holidays Card Kit!

REMEMBER: There will be an on time drawing! Party starts at 4:58 pm

If you'll be joining us, you can schedule your very own gathering before attending.  You'll get to pick another project from my examples for your friends to create when they attend your party! You'll earn hostess rewards and help Rebecca earn a special prize for having two friends book their own parties! Email me at to reserve your date (pre-Christmas dates are filling fast).

If you are not attending Rebecca's party, you are still invited to schedule your own get together. I'll be posting party project options over the next week to select from - many of the projects have been designed to make great handmade Christmas gifts. Make gift giving easy this year: email me at to reserve your date (pre-Christmas dates are filling fast).

!! One party left each for October & November: October 23 or 30 or November 16, 17 or 28. !!

*All Supplies CTMH Unless Otherwise Noted
Kit: X8623 My Originals Around the Holidays Card Kit
Stamps: D1388 Card Chatter
Inks: Chocolate, Cranberry
Misc: Sparkles, Paper Piercer, Soft Set Eyelet Tool

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