Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Big News...

It has been killing me not to share this news. Now that we are just a couple days away from the new release, I figure that it is safe to share. Way back in December, I was asked if I would submit art for the upcoming Close To My Heart Summer Idea Book. Did they really think I'd say NO?! Just a few days after they sent me a brand new kit and I got to work. The art needed to be return in a matter of only 7 days, which was a bit of a challenge with a baby just over a month old. Once turning in the pages, you have no idea if you will actually make it into the idea book because a group of Consultants are all asked to complete artwork for the same paper packet. Needless to say, I was thrilled to open the pages of the Summer 2008 Idea Book and see my picture, story and pages of Conner!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Time for a change...

I decided that it was time to dye my hair again (I haven't done so since before Blake). So, I selected a color that I liked on the box and completed the process late tonight. All I could do was laugh as I looked at my very bright (almost orange) wet hair. It was such a shock! Thankfully, it is much better dry. Now maybe people will stop saying "I wonder where Blake got his red hair."

Friday, April 25, 2008

Magic Moments for Card Makers Part 2

This time I used the Magic Moments Mom layouts and cut my cards to 4" x 5.5" for the best usage of paper. I sure hope that many of these patterns make it into a future catalog.

Visit www.createwithchristine.com to see how to get your Magic Moments Kit for National Scrapbooking Month (May)!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Looking for...

Hi, J. Parker - I hope you read my blog. You emailed me last night and your emails keep bouncing as an invalid email. I don't have any other contact information. Please contact me, I don't want you to think I didn't write back. Leave a phone number this time, just incase the email doesn't work.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The best scrapbook buddy...

Conner loves to scrapbook with me. I have given him his own supplies which he loves! He has been the best scrapbooking buddy since he was very little. We are a dangerous pair if we go craft shopping. Instead of asking for normal boy toys, he is always asking me for things like paints, glitter, scissors and other crafty things. It'd be so much fun if he continues enjoying these moments scrapping with his momma.

Promise of a unicorn in the mailbox...

My friend Jenn has been teasing me lately about us building our house. It has taken such a long time to make progress and at times never seemed like it was going to happen. She says it is like a unicorn and she'll believe it when she sees it. Last Weds, I had to call her and tell her that I received my unicorn in my mailbox...okay, the promise of a unicorn to be delivered soon. We received our Building Permit Approval letter! Which means that we are ready to start building the house, just as soon as I have our financing in place.

Monday we completed the final tasks required and picked up our actual building permit! It now resides in our hot little hands and is both exciting and scary at the same time.

After spending all day today on the phone with lenders, I will be completing applications tomorrow morning. In the evening we will be meeting with our builder (who is amazing) to discuss our building timeline and get a final cost breakdown. Estimates on demolishing the house: mid May - just a short month away!

This weekend...

I participated in a vendor show in Tacoma. The customer turn out was poor, but I met some wonderful fellow Consultants. It was great practice at setting up my booth and I hope to have more shows coming up soon. Getting out and chatting with new potential customers and team members is something that I just love! Please forgive the poor picture quality, the lighting was rotten and I didn't want to take my expensive camera with me.

Friday, April 18, 2008

I've been busy...

and it is about time I share some of the things I have completed. I mentioned earlier that I love the new Magic Moments and here are just a couple pages to show you why. Now I didn't have these pages when I took my pictures, but look at how well the colors go together. I was a little hesistant about all the Hollyhock (pink) with pictures of my boys, but you know what...I have to say it again, I LOVE Magic Moments.

I had to take a break from creating to prepare for a vendor show I am doing this weekend in Tacoma, but as soon as that is over I can't wait to complete my kit and maybe make a few more cards out of a layout or two.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's all about the hair...

Lately, I have been feeling pretty frumpy. So, today I treated myself to a new hair cut with some style. This isn't the best picture, but I haven't mastered the art of taking my own pictures quite yet. The style is a little hard to see here, but it has a lot of body and looks "sassy."

And how could I post my picture and not share a new picture of Blake. When he was born he had an unbelievable amount of hair. But as all babies, most of it has rubbed off...that is except for this bright red mohawk. Hmmm, I might have to style it like this more often. :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Magic Moments Now Available

I love this special National Scrapbooking Celebration kit created by CTMH. View my website at www.CreatewithChristine.com/ to find out how to get your very own set. Since I received my packet, I have completed more pages than I have in months. I love the simplicity of the level one pages and the "ooh la la" of stickease, ribbon and brads. Level 1 kits were not my favorite, however I am now a proud convert!

And of course we wouldn't want to leave the card makers out, so I decided to try something a little different. Our Level 1 kits lend themselves well to creating beautiful, uber simple cards. I created all five of these cards from just one of the "Be Mine" pages. I hope this inspires you to think outside of the box, or the kit in the case!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday through Tuesday...

That seems to be the days that I manage to update my blog. I was trying to figure out why that would be and then came to the conclusion that I burn up what energy I store while I have Brian home on the weekend to help with the boys by Weds. I'll try to do better, because I do have a ton of fun stuff to post.

We had a fun weekend! Saturday we played in Issaquah. The weather was stunning and felt so very good, plus I managed to get some adorable pictures (soon to be posted). Then in the evening, I got a chance to go to dinner with some friends. After which, I went to play at my sisters. I LOVE having all of my family so close.

One highlight of my weekend was on Friday. I found a place going out of business and was able to purchase the greeting card spinners. OOOh...I got three in various sizes. This is just one of them. I know sounds weird to be so excited by something like a spinner, but hey, I'll take an organizational tool over clothes any 'ol day. To top that off, on Sunday, my super sister inlaw brought me a prize. She stopped by a different store going out of business and found another spinner for me. This one is acrylic and will hold product. Sooo much fun!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Some random pictures in my "blog" file...

I place pictures in my blog file to share and these are a couple that haven't made it to the board yet. So, here they are...Conner was never interested in stuffed animals and still isn't. Blake on the other hand has really enjoyed this cute teddy/blanket combo.

Big Pinks come in pink and white. Well, I am not really into pink, so I thought I'd see if the pink would take dying with reinkers. I used Moonstruck reinker (to go with my wedding album - if I ever get to it) and was super pleased with the results.

Nothing super exciting!

Creative Mess...

Well, a little while back I dared Nona to post her "shove method" that she employs on scrap night. She takes all the stuff from two of her three tables and shoves it all over to her table so that her friends have clean tables to scrap on. Last night as I got up to head to bed, after scrapping for several hours, I looked at my mess of a room. I spend more time cleaning up than I do creating. Such a sad thing, so I decided to put it out of my mind and worked in a mess. I am proud to say that I have accomplished three new scrapbook layouts, instead of putting everything away this time. *...but I'll be cleaning up the mess a bit later, can't handle it being this way for too long, lol.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Very Lucky

I am working very hard to get Conner's first album completely put together. I typically scrap things as I am inspired...which has left me with many projects left undone and I am ready to have at least one done. So, my goal has been to get 2004 done for Conner. Shouldn't be to hard, right, since Conner was born in July giving me just 5 months to scrapbook for the year. Well, I have discovered that I take far too many pictures. ;) At this point he is likely to have more than a couple of books per year of life. Which, yikes, means that I am farther behind than I thought. At any rate it has been so much fun to go back and scrapbook these fun pictures at the same time of having Blake. I get to remember the milestones that Conner crossed first and then relive them as Blake crosses them. I only wish that I had so many pictures of me as a child, the wonders digital photography has done for remembering moments in our lives.
*Click on image for a closer view. The colors are a bit off, but I decided not to spend too much time fixing that. When we start getting sunshine around here, I'll take them outside so they are more true to color.

All Supplies Close To My Heart: Visit www.CreatewithChristine.com for ordering information. "Very Lucky" designed by me and cut out on the Pazzles.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Closer Sneak Peek of July SOM

I know that you have month's to wait to get this adorable set, but I could resist sharing another card using these adorable animals. And since I haven't posted in so long, I'll double up today. :)

Where did the week go? (SOM Sneek Peak)

I can't believe the last time I posted was on Tuesday. Where did the week go? It was fuller than most with preschool, speech for Conner and a special treat of lunch with Nona & Sammie. Some weeks drag on and never seem like they are going to end and others fly by.

This week I did get a chance to create some super cute books designed by ultra talented Nona. I am selling these 6 x 6 Accordion Album kits completely ready to assemble (comes pre-stamped, pre-cut and includes instructions). To find out more sign up for my newsletter (by using the sign up box on the right).

*** Notice the Special Stamp of the Month Sneek Peak - these super cute little animals are the July Stamp of the Month ***

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Precious Moments

I have discovered I LOVE textured cardstock! It even inspired me to step outside my box and create this ultra-simple layout.

Journaling: Just days old resting safe in your Daddy’s arms. This is one of the rare precious moments that Daddy got to hold you in your first week of life due to the jaundice. He longed to hold you and snuggle with you, but you had to be on the billi-bed except for when you were nursing. Amazing how in these few photographs you can see the immense love he has for you, his first born son. July 17, 2004

*All supplies CTMH. Visit www.CreatewithChristine.com for ordering information. I also used my Pazzles to cut out the frame on the left page.

Better Late Then Never...

Okay, I said I was going to post a layout a day for awhile, I should have said I would try. My big boy, Conner, got to spend the night at Grandma and Grandpa's. You would have thought that I would have time to get a lot accomplished today. Think again, Blake, who normally sleeps in the morning (sometimes until noon) decided that today would be an excellent day to wake up early, never go back to sleep, and scream at me every time I set him down. Hence, here I am at midnight posting my layout for today, I mean yesterday.

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