Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Close To My Heart VIP Treatment : Studio J

Since signing up for my Studio J membership, I have been making layouts like crazy and having so much fun! Normally a traditional layout like this would take me hours with Studio J I was done minutes. I was even able to take my color photos and convert them into fitting elegant black and white.

As Directors we are treated to an exclusive dinner/event with Corporate. During Convention 2010 in Washington DC we were treated a trip down the Potomac for a scrumptious dinner and stunning sight seeing. Would you like to experience the Close To My Heart VIP treatment? I'd love to have you join my team - click here for more info.

Studio J: Did you know?
  • It's free to try! You only pay for your layouts, when/if you order them.
  • There is no software to download or update.
  • It's a marvelous planning tool. Don't waste your paper, pre-plan your layout using Studio J. 

Monday, November 29, 2010

6 Reasons I Love Close To My Heart

Tomorrow (Tues. Nov 30) is the last day to join my team and be entered to win either a FREE stamp set (a $22.95 value) or the Exclusive Inks Organizer (a $69.95 value). EVERYONE will be a winner, if you are not selected for the Exclusive Inks Organizer, you'll receive the stamp set of your choice.

To celebrate my 6 years anniversary with Close To My Heart, it feels fitting to share 6 reasons I love this company and what I do. These are listed in no specific order...

1. My ultimate goal when I joined Close To My Heart was to be able to stay home with Conner. We simply did not have the finances, so on a leap of faith I signed up (at the same time doubting I'd make anything of it). Six years later, I marvel at the blessing of that decision. Not only have I been able to stay home with both my boys, we have been able to pay off a large sum of debt, build our dream home and have been plenty comfortable.

2. Jeanette leads Close To My Heart with such positivity, one only needs to read her blog to see this first hand.  Over the years, I have come to realize how important this aspect is to me. In a world filled with so much negativity, I look forward to each of her posts and any time I get to spend with her and her upbeat, spunky team members.

3. Conventions, National Tours, Leaderships, Regionals, Album Retreats, Leadershare, oh my! Did you know that before I became a Consultant I did not travel? Now I regularly get a way with some of my favorite people, have a blast and get to call it "work." Speaking of getting away, we are heading to Disneyland for Convention this year! I know you want to join us... 

4. While I love staying home with my boys, I am extremely thankful that I get to feel special, accomplished, talented... as a Consultant. Time and time again, I am in awe of the fact that get to feel like a rock star, just for doing what I love to do. If you had told me when I signed up that in just a few short years I would teach 200 Consultants about new exciting products during Convention, I probably would have probably wet my pants laughing at you. Who me?! Are you kidding! I have grown more than I could have ever imagined over the last 6 years and can hardly wait to apply to teach for my third time at Convention :)

5. Have you ever walked into a room where you knew you belonged? That is what Close To My Heart has been for me and I've heard the same from others. I have been blessed to have met some of my dearest friends during this journey. I can't imagine what it would be like had I not signed up and not met these girls.

6. I love that when I started I was a complete amateur. My idea of creating a card was to fold a piece of white paper in half (it didn't even have to be cardstock) and stamp on the front of it. By attending Close To My Heart events, using our How-To books, online training, our Consultant bulletin boards and team meetings, I have acquired an arsenal of techniques and knowledge that allowed me to create artwork that has actually won awards. Even better, I love that I get to share my knowledge with others and watch their talents bloom!

Sign up right now: complete your Close To My Heart application online
Contact me today and request a free Consultant information kit.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving - Weekend Sale Reminder

Thank you all for visiting my blog, I am thankful for you today (and everyday)!

Did you hear the news? I am hosting not only a Black Friday Blowout Sale, but a full four days of smashin' deals. They are so good, I simply can't post them here for everyone one to see, so go sign up for my newsletter right now to receive the details!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Retreat Techniques: Lots of Prisma Glitter & Masking

These photos have been waiting quite awhile to be shared. I started this post, but then forgot about it :) 

These are the cards we created at our Fall Retreat back in October. Each attendee was treated to a free technique class where they learned some fun ways to use Prisma Glitter and masking to create a one of a kind background. 

Looking at these photos reminds me of one particular attendee who was not thrilled about the glitter to start with but quickly became the one who used the most glitter. I think she ended up adding glitter to just about everything! You could follow her glittery path through the lodge :)

Does this one look familiar? Check out page 41 in the Autumn/Winter Idea Book.
I love that our Idea Books are such a great creative resource!

Notice that both cards use the same stamp set, Capture Moments C1423.
This stamp set is one of my favorite because it covers multiple seasons.
I, also, can not take credit for the design for this card. I scraplifted from a fellow
Consultant who has marvelous artwork (I can't seem to recall her name at this very moment - if it was you, please post a comment). 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Close To My Heart Joy with a Mix-n-Mingle Album

It has been awhile since my last posting and that usually means that life has been full and that is the case lately. Amy (a fellow consultant) and I completed the Seattle Creating Keepsake Expo and had so much fun meeting everyone who stopped by our booth!

This last weekend I had the "joy" of having my local team members over for a team meeting and a little creativity. We spent a blissful 4 hours together (lol, many had thought they might leave before I closed the doors, but they all stayed until the very last minute). I shared this Mix-n-Mingle album, inspired by another Consultant and taught the ladies a few new techniques using our Create-a-Shade Pearl paint to create custom glitter mist and to create the tops of our ornaments. Can't wait until our next meeting!

Interested in joining CTMH? I have a great special going on right now! Find out more about becoming a Consultant here.

I am going to have a rockin' Black Friday special that will only be released via my newsletter. Be in the know, sign up for my newsletter today.

All supplies used are Close To My Heart: view labels below for the name of each item used.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Feeling Extraordinary, CTMH Leadershare Recap

This weekend was a blast and has me feeling extraordinary! Close To My Heart partnered with an upline of mine, Naomi, to create a marvelous team meeting!

Kristine Widtfeldt, VP of Sales and Marketing, kicked off the day with a thought provoking presentation about being extraordinary. We all have something that makes us extraordinary, if we'd only take the time to see it. Do you know what makes you extraordinary? I'd love to challenge you to acknowledge your strengths. Shout them at loud. Okay, shouting at the computer might have you feeling a little silly, so how about you post a comment sharing your strengths. I'll admit that I am all too often one of those people who sell themselves short and fails to acknowledge personal strengths. So, I am extra thankful for Kristine's reminder and a personal touch she added just for me.

Being a part of Close To My Heart has been a phenomenal experience for me. Just a couple of weeks ago, I celebrated my 6th CTMH Birthday and marvel at how far I have come from the girl who joined to the blessed team leader I am today. This weekend I was ecstatic to have 6 of my downline join me at Leadershare! Each one of these ladies have amazing gifts and I feel lucky to have them as part of my team and can't wait to watch their transformations over the years :)

More highlights from Saturday:
We raised over $1000 for Operation Smile through our donated artwork auction, which will pay for 4 life changing surgeries to giving children their smiles back. *Even though my darling Blake broke my window at the last minute, it still brought in a significant donation.

My upline Naomi treated me and two other winners (we had to complete the most lines on a Bingo board) to a scrumptious lunch at 13 Coins with the Close To My Heart Executives. Thank you Naomi!

The Corporate Art Department created stunning layouts for award recipients. Imagine my delight to be able to bring two of these babies home!  I can't wait to add my photo to these and predominately display them!

Does this sound like something that you'd like to experience yourself? 
I'd love to share more with you about joining my team, you can find out more details on my website, email me or call me (425) 413-4280.
*Remember to ask me about the unbelievable offer I have for those who join my Close To My Heart Get Creative team in November!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Old Reclaimed Window, CTMH Magnifique, Singed Fabric Flowers = One of a Kind Operation Smile Donation

I am so excited that I simply can't wait to reveal this until Saturday after Close To My Heart's Leadershare event in Seattle.

Leadershare is essentially an special, local team meeting where Close To My Heart Corporate staff will be in attendance. Although, I still have quite a bit to check off my to do list before this event, I can hardly wait for Saturday! Wahoo!

One of my favorite things about Close To My Heart is that we support Operation Smile. Operation Smile provides life-changing surgery to repair smiles and reshape lives, one child at a time. Did you know, that a portion of every My Acrylix stamp set you purchase is donated to Operation Smile! So, as my customer, you are making a difference in the life of a child simply by enjoying your hobby.

For Convention, I was honored to be asked to create artwork for a special auction to raise money for Operation Smile. When I arrived and saw the room full of stunning artwork, I felt like an serious amateur. Let me tell you, the artwork selection was STUNNING.

So when I was asked again to donate a piece of artwork, I knew that I wanted to go "big" and do something that I felt was completely original. I think I accomplished my goal and I hope that whom ever gets this piece of artwork will share a photo of it complete with pictures, hanging in their home with me. It is going to be so hard to let it go!

Thank you to my sister, who is remodeling their new home (an old cabin - I believe about 1930's), for gracing me with the beautiful piece of history from which to start.
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