Friday, January 23, 2009

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride

At each event Close To My Heart offers several contests. I am proud to say that this time I entered all three: essay, layout and cube. While I place in the Top for my projects, I didn't take home any prizes. It is great to be able to say though that those that won deserved it! My dear Nona took home first place for the layout, Kelly Enlgish-Triggs without doubt received first for the cube contest and Michelle Nist (who doesn't have a blog...yet) wrote an amazing essay.
I may not have won first place, but that is more than okay since I get to go home with a layout that I love. The house is first in my mind for most things lately and both contest entries are proof positive. You can click on the images to see them in full size and read the journaling.

This was my entry using Close To My Hearts new My Creations Cube. The contest was to think outside the cube. I thought that this would be unique enough, however the funny thing is that one of my sideline team members created a house too. Mine opens and serves as a gift box and hers was left open in the gables giving access to a kleenex box. Great minds think alike :)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Album Retreat- Good Time with Great Friends

When Nona was asked to teach at Album Retreat, she asked if I'd consider joining her. I swear we have become inseparable at Close To My Heart events. Even though neither of us had planned on going, I am glad that she was asked to teach and I agreed to go with her. Nona and I always have a great time together. Ever experienced becoming friends with someone you just felt an instant connection too? Well, that is what it is like with Nona and I. I love her to pieces!

Nona taught the entire room of consultants an adorable mini album the first evening. She did great! The next two days were filled to the brim with creating stunning layouts taught to us by Corporate. I am always impressed with all the nifty techniques that they teach us. The event is fast paced and I usually don't finish my layouts, but I did pretty good finishing half of them while I was there. As soon as I have the rest finished, I'll be sure to take some quick pictures and share. (After my last post though, you'll guess it probably won't be super duper soon.)

Check back tomorrow to see my contest entries!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Can we say...OVERWHELMED?

I am so happy to be in the house and yet, I find myself struggling a bit. My scrap room as always been my happy place. The one place in the house that I almost always had clean and organized. Well, that has not been the case since moving in. Every time I begin to see the light (or clean table top) my sweet hubby brings in another truck load of scrappy supplies. Okay, I don't have a "place" for everything yet which makes it tough to get it all put away. And how the heck did I have all this stuff in the mobile home?! I have so much more space and storage and yet, I feel like I am busting at the seams. I find myself doing something totally foreign... I am finding everything else to do to procrastinate coming back in my scrap room. I even cleaned the toilets the other day rather than come in here...REALLY! So, if it feels as though I have disappeared, I have a bit. I am trying to take a step back and get things put away right the first time. I'll most likely be back (that is unless I get crushed by a pile of supplies).

Check back over the next couple of days though because I am scheduling several posts covering Album Retreat that you won't want to miss out on.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

How's a FREE or discounted class sound?

Sunday, February 8th @ 2:30pm
in the New Dream Studio (my home)
This class is designed especially for those customers who earn the Heart of Winter: Key To My Heart paper packet with spectacular stamp set for free with a $130 purchase. In addition to the great paper packet, you'll be treated to a workshop creating 5 cards and an adorable My Creations box card keeper. Check out my website for more details and be sure to enter the contest as well. (Email or Call 425.413.4280 to Join Us)

However, I don't want those who receive the paper packet to miss out, so I have decided to offer a discounted class option. When you spend $75 and purchase the Key To My Heart kit for an additional $20, you'll be able to attend the class for a reduced price of just $12.00. (Email or Call 425.413.4280 to Join Us)
Finally, if you aren't as smitten with the KTMH kit as I am, you can attend the workshop for $26.50 which includes your choice of paper packets. (Email or Call 425.413.4280 to Join Us)
EDITED TO ADD: Denise asked " I was wondering how you did the stamp of the 2 bigger hearts. I like the fact that it has the darker side ." I did what is called Stamp Rolling. It is really easy and adds a lot of interest to the stamped image. Ink your image, stamp it off once on a scratch piece of paper and then roll the edges of your stamp back on the same stamp pad or a slightly darker one to add "shading" and stamp the image. Voila, shaded images without a lot of work. I love this technique with leaves using fall colors to mimic the color change. Always remember to start with the lightest color first - don't want to mess up your stamp pads with darker colors.

Celebrate National Papercrafting Month

January is National Papercrafting Month and opportunities abound to use paper in amazing ways! A special kit, featuring the new Key to My Heart paper packet and My Acrylix® stamp set, can be yours at substantial savings or FREE!*

To find out how you can receive yours at
*Offer valid December 16, 2008 - January 31, 2009. Shipping/handling and tax apply.

© 2008 CTMH Co. All rights reserved.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Sneak Peek

Well, I have to say I am one happy girl! Along with completing the house, we are putting together my dream scrap room. It is a slow process getting everything in from the garage (made more fun with all the snow) and putting it in place. Thankfully, I have a super understanding and strong hubby to help me put together my piles of cabinets from Ikea. Since getting organized in my new space is taking far longer than I anticipated (with working on the rest of the rooms of the house at the same time), I thought I'd share a little sneak peek. This is just one of my five "large" wardrobe cabinets. My, my look at all those'd did that happen in just over four years :)Blake loves being in the mix. He's the first to volunteer to climb to the very tip top of the lader (6'). Yikes! No turning my back on this little guy. He keeps me jumping ;)
Have a fantastic start to the New Year! I'll continue working on getting my space together so that I can post a complete video and get going on upcoming classes/get togethers.

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