Sunday, August 30, 2009

Ready for some photos...(catalog party)

My catalog release party was a HUGE success and we all had a blast! Thank you to each and every lady that made the night so much fun. Congratulations to all the prize winners - everyone went home with something special!

Watch for details on a live online catalog party!

The entry boasted sample stamp of the month artwork, my winning Leadership cards and a selection of goodies for the ladies to enjoy (including chocolate chip cookies that were cooking at the time of this photo).

The Expedit was filled with new paper packets and artwork featuring the displayed paper packet.  There is honestly not a paper packet that I don't like this catalog!

Everyone had the opportunity to make a card from either the Hello Birdie or Around the Holidays My Originals Card kits. Of course we stepped them up with a little bling. Everyone did such a great job! Thank you to Alicia for helping anyone with questions.

The ladies were treated with special catalog release party only specials.  Everyone had the opportunity to leave with an extra $145 in rewards - over the door/game prizes.

Coming soon for those who were not able to attend the party - Kit of the Month details.

The following pictures are all the new product on display. We all know they look so much better in person - so I wanted everything out of the package for closer viewing.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Artwork Arrived Home

What a treat to receive my artwork back in the mail the other day.  I knew what it was, but I was still excited to open up the package and see my creations again. Below is my layout, I placed in the Top 5. It always makes me happy to be in the top Corporate selection!

*I uploaded the photos as rather large files, so you should be able to click on the image and see things in better detail.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Catalog Release Party - August 28th @ 7:00pm

Open House - Fall/Winter 2009

Perks to be enjoyed by all in attendance:

Free Idea Book
Be among the first to receive your complimentary copy of the newest Close To My Heart Fall/Winter Idea Book (a $3.95 value).

Door Prizes (drawing every 1/2 hour)
Door prizes will range from artwork to free product that you'll want to claim as your very own. Here is how to earn additional entries into the drawing:

          RSVP (1 entry - double entries for the first 5 RSVP's)

          Bring a Friend (10 entries)
          Arrive on Time (5 entries)
          Complete the Make-n-Take (1 entry)
          Bring a Few Photos You'd Like to Scrapbook (10 entries)

Bring a Friend: Receive a Petite Perks Stamp Set
 Petite Perks 
Receive this adorable set all for bringing a friend who I have not yet met. Encourage your friend to bring a friend and she'll also receive a stamp set. 

*The guest who brings the most friends (2+) will receive an exclusive complete alphabet set FREE - a $60 value!

Used Stamp Sale: $10 each - All Sizes
All my used stamp sets will be on sale - A through E sizes all just $10 each! 

Complete a Free creative project
Using newly released products create a fun project.

Be Inspired by the New Product Artowrk Gallery
I have been busy working on exciting new artwork and look forward to sharing it! 

Up to $145 in Rewards per Attendee
Yes, every attendee has the opportunity to earn $145 or more in rewards. My goal of an open house is to thank all my loyal customers and have them leave feeling rather spoiled. This time around will be no different! Be sure to attend and discover how you can earn these rwards!

RSVP Required: Email to RSVP or Call (425) 413-4280

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gravy on top...

Winning first place is the card contest was pretty darn amazing - but having my photo taken with Jeanette by the Corporate photographer was the gravy on top. I have been with CTMH nearly 5 years and have never really chatted much with Jeanette Lynton (Owner and Creator of CTMH).  You see I have this thing with those who are adored and approached by so many, I figure they don't need one more person chatting them up. I always knew one day I would have great reason to stand beside her and have my photo taken - winning was the perfect reason and I have a beautiful photo to show.

One of the reasons I love CTMH so much is because of the spectacular Corporate staff. They have a way of making each and every consultant feel known and loved. Often times in a Corporation, the "boss" is someone who people are always leery of...not with CTMH.  Attend any event and you'll see the Corporate staff connecting with Consultants on a very personal level and you don't have to be BIG time to be a part of this blessed circle. Jeanette is a wonderful lady who has surrounded herself by others who are wonderfully loving as well! 

I'm already looking forward to our next event in Regionals in Portland. Want to join me and see for yourself? Contact me at or (425) 413-4280  

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Such a professional picture!

(Click on image for larger size)

Here is a much better picture of my cards ;)  Thank you to Corporate for providing such a professional picture, makes me feel like my cards were photographed for a magazine!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No longer the bridesmaid...

Some of you are very good guessers.  Yes, I finally won my first artwork competition.  Both my layout and cards made the top 5.  At the awards banquet, I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest as the announced the winners. I had a suspicion that I might take first in the card category and became extremely nervous when the card winner was about to be announced. In those few seconds, a million thoughts ran through my mind..."is my bra strap showing," "why'd I wear high heals, I hope I can walk in them," "don't trip!"  Finally, my name was called and I gracefully made it up on stage to collect my good basket of $100 in product! Even more exciting, I quickly exited the room to have my photo taken with Jeanette Lynton (Owner and Founder of CTMH).  This was my first picture with her and what a treat to have it be as a first time contest winner.

Would you like to see my winning cards?  Well, you'll have to stop back by tomorrow.  :)

Monday, August 3, 2009

I LOVE my job!!

Can I just say how much I LOVE my job!! CTMH whisked away the Directors to the happiest place on earth for our special dinner at Leadership this year.  Out of 81 attending Directors only 5 (plus Vice President Kristine W.) were brave enough to take on Disney's Tower of Terror. We felt like movie stars with our personal Disney escort guiding us straight to the front of the long lines and then treating us to a second turn without even having to get out of our seats. After our stomachs officially found a new location in our bodies (if you haven't been on the ride, it drops you over and over again), we joined the rest of the Directors at the Golden Vine Winery for a scrumptious dinner.  It was a please to sit at the table with some hilarious ladies that had me laughing so hard my sides hurt the next day! Truly a marvelous night with Close To My Heart - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this company!

More to share including my journey from bridesmaid to bride... check back tomorrow. 
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