Thursday, June 26, 2008

Congratulations JEFF DYE!

How much fun is it to watch a show where the kid that grew up next door takes his place in the spotlight!? Tonight on Last Comic Standing, my childhood neighbor, Jeff Dye made it one step closer to the prize. When it is time to vote, I'll be calling on you to support this super cute and sweet kid.

Don't miss Nicki Keohohou tonight in Covington...

Nicki is coming to speak at our DSWA event tonight in Covington. I will not be able to attend myself due to a nasty little bug, but I'd still like to encourage you to attend. She is an amazing speaker and this is a great opportunity to see her in an intimate setting. I'd challenge you that if you see her speak tonight it will change you. I saw her back at my first Leadership event with CTMH and what she shared changed how I dealt with many things.

If you would like more information on the meeting tonight email me at or call 425.413.4280.

Yay! I think I am up for good now...

I just got off the phone with Qwest and it looks like I am good to go on the internet. :) My wee modem had a mind of its' own and wasn't accepting my username and password. There always has to be some sort of fun right...

I think it is OFFICIAL (and still internet issues)

Well, I am almost scared to say it since it has been such a struggle to get to this point...but I think we officially have our financing on the house. We spoke to the lender yesterday and we have made it through final underwriting. As things stand now, we go in on July 1st to sign and close on the 7th. That means the next step is to be completely out of the house and demolition. It is so hard to really accept that we have finally made it to the actual constriction phase. I know many never believed it was going to happen and so many people told us to give up. We have run into many brick walls and managed to go around, over, under or simply break through them. It has been a long process (2.5+ years) to this point. If I have learned one thing, DREAM and dream big and then have the tenacity and the vision to stick with it. Don't let dream stealers steal you dreams!

So today, I get to make some fun phone calls...order a porta potty and a dumpster for the construction site. And then I get to finish pulling out the remains of my scraproom, but don't worry...I have a space set up in the garage and I'll still get to do some creating (who knows, maybe even more than I have been able to lately). And there are sure to be tons of pictures to share very soon.

****Internet Issues****
I am still having connectivity issues even though I received the new modem. It seems as though there is a problem with the lines and that is something that I have to have Qwest take a look at for me. So, please if you have questions or want to get a hold of me, call me at 425.413.4280

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Internet/Modem Issues

I am having issues with my internet/modem. So, if you email me and I don't respond, please be patient or feel free to call me at home (425) 413-4280.

There is a new modem coming tomorow or Thursday, so hopefully things will be resolved.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Garage Sale - Phenominal Success

Well, we are coming to a close for the first day of our garage sale and I have to say it has been fabulous. We were able to lighten our load and earn a little cash (that will be going to building the house). Even better, we have met some amazing neighbors! What a blast!! Living out in the country we don't often get to know those who live around us, so a garage sale makes a wonderful meet-n-greet. If you were one of the friendly people that stopped by today, THANK YOU! I hope to see many of you back when I host my Grand Opening (of the my dream scrap-studio).

We still have a large selection of scrapbooking and stamping supplies, handmade cards, baby clothes, a few misc household items and two pieces of furniture that we forgot to put out on Saturday. So, if you get a chance, stop by and see us on Sunday.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Pay It Forward Winners

Hi Ladies -

I have selected the lucky PIF girls using Check it out, if your comment is on the list, email me with your mailing address :)

Tami said...
Love the posts from the 11th! I'd really enjoy a trip to Discovery Cove and when we were last in Florida, they were totally booked up -- lucky you!I am a complete and total paper hoe so the best part of papercrafting for me is THE PAPER! Can't get enough and it is like a sickness to me -- that is why I love the CTMH stuff -- distress it, ink it, rip it, whatever -- it all looks great!Have a great day!

Michelle said...
I'd say my favorite is dry embossing. I love how our (CTMH) white core peeks out through the color. Love your site and can't wait to get to work on some new pieces of my own.

Nikki said...
Right now I am all about trying to put many techniques on whatever I do. I think alcohol inks are my new favortie. I bought glass slides and transparencies just so I can use them in layouts.


Thursday, June 19, 2008

I've dissapeared...

amidst mountains of packing boxes and misc. junk that we have collected over the years. It sounds like we are nearing the finish line for the approval on the financing. Today we faxed in our contract with our builder (who is the bestest ever - if you live in our area and are looking for a contractor...ask me all about Mike Connelly). The loan processor promised to submit the package for final underwriting this afternoon and said that we should hear by Monday (but based on her past estimates, I'll be happy with next week). In the mean time we are busy packing up, moving out and preparing for demolition!

Packing up I have discovered some great memories and it has been fun reliving them. Here are few pictures that show us just how far we have come.

Our wedding day October 2, 1999 - we have been together so long, it is hard to remember a time we were not together. I still love him today as much as I did that day and probably more. He is such a wonderful husband and the best Daddy ever to our two boys.

Look at those skinny little legs, oh where did they go? Ah, that is right...they are now hidden within legs that have carried two babies. Maybe they'll make appearance again someday.

Finally we are moving on from one house that has lived a good life to our dream home. We are very lucky and super blessed.

Make it a great day!

Monday, June 16, 2008


If you have never had the chance to hear Nicki speak, this is an opportunity you won't want to miss. I had the chance to see her at a CTMH Leadership several years back and I'll tell you I am still thinking about some of the things she shared (and taught me).

*****************Event Details*****************
Thursday, JUNE 26, 2008!

Please join us for TWO SPECIAL EVENTS!
Nicki began her career as a direct seller more than 30 years ago. As one of the Founders of the DSWA, Nicki travels and provides inspiration and education to direct sellers worldwide. Nicki was recently named one of the Top 30 Female Entrepreneurs in America. As the CEO of the Direct Selling Women's Alliance she is empowering direct sellers from around the globe and educating the public about our amazing profession.

3:30pm to 5:00pm
Make more moments through managing your time more effectively
Organization skills for the busy woman
How to thrive through more life balance

5:00-6:30 pm No Host Dinner

6:30pm – 9:30pm RISING STAR TRAINING

Nicki will share leadership skills that will take your business to the next level and enrich your life.
Discover the basics of Visionary Planning Learn how to Create an amazing Community within your team
Experience Team Building Skills that will take your sponsoring efforts to new heights
Develop your training and coaching skills through this hands on training.

Come and meet success-minded entrepreneurs who have a love of direct selling and a passion for success. You'll gain new skills, be inspired to go for your dreams and learn more about how the DSWA can help you build your direct selling business

Refreshments and Door Prizes!

DATE June 26th, 2008 3:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Early Registration: $2O.O0 Each Session
At the Door: $25.OO Each Session

Early Registration Both Events at the Door $39.50

All DSWA events are a safe and welcoming place to bring your team and guests. The DSWA's Event Code of Honor ensures that there is no cross-recruitment and that every attendee feels comfortable and supported.

PLACE Covington City Hall Community Room
16720 SE 271st Street, Covington, WA 98042, (253) 638-1110

RSVP Contact South King County Chapter VP: Christine David
Phone: (425) 413-4280

Pay It Forward Reminder

If you haven't had the chance to post a comment to my Pay It Forward posting. Do so soon! I will randomly select three winners Weds, June 18th.

Just call me Doctor...

I just received my Close To My Heart that is. CTMH offers a new training program that allows you to take online classes from the best of the best Consultants. Upon completing each set of classes you can earn your Bachelors, Masters and PhD. The courses are great and cover topics, such as creativity, business, leadership, personal development and continuing education. I just love that CTMH has put so much effort into giving everyone all the knowledge they could desire or need to create a successful business as a Consultant.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Mums the word...

I was selected to teach at Convention (during Extravaganza) with my buddy Nona and we received a goodie box this week full of all sorts of new product. What fun it is to have a secret and not be able to share, although I am not very good with secrets...I am a heart on my sleeve kind of gal. Thankfully, unlike when I was asked to do artwork for the catalog and couldn't share the product with a soul, this time I have Nona to "ooh and ahhh" over things with me.

Just wait until I am back from Convention, I'll have a ton of new artwork to blow your socks off!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Pay It Forward

About a month ago, I was lucky enough to participate in a pay it forward by Kelly Schelske. She sent me the most wonderful package of goodies that I can't wait to use (baubles, flowers, ribbon, and a chipboard album kit). I was floored by her generosity. And even though I am late in responding, it is now my turn to PAY IT FORWARD.

If you are interested and willing to continue to Pay It Forward, post a comment. Three lucky people will receive a goodie bag from me. Let's make this even more fun... tell me what is your favorite paper crafting technique.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Completed Simple Snapshots Album

I hate to admit that this is my first truly complete album. Like so many others I struggle with scrapbooking as often as I wish. When I do get the chance I don't want to simply scrapbook the next chronological event, I want to scrap what inspires me at the moment. So, having this album is exciting enough, but knowing that I was able to complete it from start to finish in less than 24 hours (1 interrupted day) blows me away! Using the Floral Tapestry Simply Snapshots assembly was a breeze!

These pictures are some that I removed from a standard album as I was packing just the other day. This vacation was spectacular and one that deserved to be showcased. In person that colors are so much better and the pictures pop off the page. Makes me want to start another project!
*To read the journaling, you can actually click on each photo to see a larger version.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Online Video Tutorial (No Waste Criss Cross Card)

I am finally back in the game with video tutorials. My computer is not set up for extreme video editing nor do I have the time, so I have come to discover that I need to complete my tutorials in one take. This takes some detailed planning and it paid off this time. I hope you enjoy my newest online video tutorial!

I've been creative...

This first card is inspired by Kristina and a past Make a Card Monday post. The scallops are actually made with circles simply overlapped the slightest and attached. I tried to use my own handwriting like Kristina did on hers, but her writing just has something special about it that I couldn't capture with mine.

Here is another tease with the Close To My Heart July Stamp of the Month. These animals call to me almost everytime I think about making another project. I just love them! And ooh ooh, the light brown (brown bag) piece on the left is a technique called faux suede and it really does feel like suede. As soon as I receive replacement supplies, I'll be filming a tutorial on this nifty technique.
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