Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Funny Story: Following the Rules

Normally, I am such a rule follower. From time to time, I wish I wasn't so concerned with the rules, because it does mean that I miss out on some of the fun shenanigans that my friends, who feel that rules are simply bendable guidelines, get into.

On Friday, I took my Mom out to a local garden. We missed the turn and while turning around, we saw a big Keep Out sign. It brought up this discussion about following the rules and if you can believe it, my Mom is one of those who believes that some rules are bendable. We laughed about how a sign like this probably wouldn't keep her out.

Flash forward to Sunday. My husband and his friend wanted to go hiking up to the old historic town of Taylor. Now I know the rules that keep Taylor off limits, but then I hear all the time about people who have hiked out to it without getting into trouble. I also know that we had no ill intentions of checking out the town (some head out to take remnants, not that there is much left). So, after reflecting on my discussion with my Mom, I decided that we'd go.

We parked right at the gate, after all if we were "caught" up there, I didn't want to appear that I was even trying to be sneaky. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed several hours of hiking up to the town and around the limited proof that the town even existed.

On our way out, a truck came barreling up the road and the ranger jumped out of the truck. Before heading up, we had joked that if we were stopped, I'd do the talking (funny, the rule follower is in the one that would have to do the talking). I quickly stepped up and greeted the ranger, whom gruffly asked us if we knew where we were. He then proceeded to explain the seriousness of the situation and that he had collected our license plates (no need to worry, I won't be back) and that we were receiving a verbal warning. As if that wasn't enough to have me shaking inside, he then told us that he would be escorting us back to our cars. It was quite a hike in and now we were going to be escorted all the way out. He hopped back in his truck to turn around and we set off. Quickly, we discovered what he meant by "escorting" us out. He followed less than 5' behind us in his truck for more than a 1/2 mile. It felt sort of like a march to our doom... quite intemidating to say the least.

So, next time my hubby suggests we ignore the signs/rules, I can remind him of why I follow the rules and won't be joining in any more shenanigans. This one experience was ENOUGH!

*I do wish I had a picture of the ranger, but I thought it highly inappropriate to ask him to pose with me and the sign that told us to keep out in the first place. ;)


  1. Oh my gosh! I am laughing so hard. I am totally a rule follower and my hubby is much more like your hubby and mom. I swear EVERY time I have ever been talked into bending a rule, something bad has happened. I'm glad I'm not the only one, although I'm sad you got 'escorted' out. How awkward! Thanks for sharing and reminding me why I stick to the rules. You and I sound like people who should stick together. We might be "boring" but we are safe!

  2. Hilarious Christine!! Thanks for the laugh this morning!

    From a fellow rule follower,

  3. of course now i have to google Taylor to find out WHY you have to "stay out" haha
    I'm with you, a total rule follower... you SHOULD have taken a picture of yourself "pointing" to the sign at least... haha

  4. oh gosh and here it is the Mom who is telling you.. it is ok not to follow the rules...but you do have to weigh the consequences...we all are resposible for our own actions...but if you had followed the rules... look what you would have missed out on... a wonderful story. giggle... shame on Mom, but it did make a good story.

  5. Cute story, so glad you shared it. Rule followers unite!! Haha!

    My hubby is the one that will open all the drawers at a doctor's office, look inside, check out the gadgets...oh...makes me crazy!

  6. I loughed so loud the kids kept asking me what was so funny, I can totally see your face, I'm so sorry this happened to you. The funniest part was about you thinking of the picture I would have taken it then I again, I like to brake the rules (from time to time :) Life is too short to take it too serious!


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