Monday, April 2, 2012

Simple Silhouettes with Dotty for You

Do you remember silhouettes from when you were a kid? I remember my teacher sitting me in front of a dark sheet of paper using a projector for light to create a shadow while she traced the shape of my head on the paper. It was a tedious experience, one I knew that I wouldn't be able to achieve with my wiggly boys. Thankfully, things are much easier now with digital cameras.

  1. Stand your subject in front of a dark wall if you have one. Keep the subjects hairstyle simple (a ponytail is always cute for girls).
  2. Take a photo of them using your digital camera. I used my flash to give a stronger contrast between the wall and my subject. 
  3. Upload your photo to your computer, size your photo (I used 8" x 10") and print your photo on regular computer paper (preferably in black and white if you know how).
  4. Using a temporary adhesive such as Dotto Dots, adhere your photo to desired cardstock. Get creative, you could go with standard black or branch out and experiment with other colors.
  5. Using your photo as a guide, cut out your silhouette. If it makes it easier for you, you can trace the shape of the head first to give you a strong line to follow. Use good, sharp scissors for nice clean lines.
  6. Now that you have your silhouette, decide how you'd like to display it. I have chosen to matte mine with our upcoming special paper packet called Dotty for You. For added dimension and shadow, I popped up my silhouettes with foam tape.
  7. If desired, frame with a bold, solid colored frame.
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