Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I sure do love this kid... (ps I'm still around)

Figured that I better post something here to prove to you that I'm still around. Little Eli loves to be held, which hasn't allowed for much crafting time, well none really. It's sort of hard to believe that I haven't cut one piece of paper for months. Starting next Weds. the boys will both be in school, at least for a couple of hours each afternoon Monday through Thursday. My hope is that Eli will start enjoying a small uninterrupted afternoon nap each day and I can get my craft on.

Last night Conner asked if we could go out on a date. How could I turn him down? So tonight after he got home from school we left Eli and Blake with Daddy and just the two of us went out. First up, dinner at Burger King (his choice) where we acted silly, took photos and Conner drew. I'm amazed at how detailed his micro images are.

Afterwards we did a little necessary shopping. Shopping with just one kid is so easy! I handed him a camera earlier in the evening and let him snap photos of anything that caught his attention which included a father and son at Costco. It is rather funny that my kid who shies away from attention had no problem snapping photos of random people he didn't know smiling at him.

We finished up out special night out with a little photo exploring at Olson Mansion. Seeing how much fun he was having snapping photos of everything made me smile. By the time we left it was nearly pitch black!

I think we'll have to plan another date real soon!


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