Tuesday, August 4, 2009

No longer the bridesmaid...

Some of you are very good guessers.  Yes, I finally won my first artwork competition.  Both my layout and cards made the top 5.  At the awards banquet, I thought my heart was going to pop out of my chest as the announced the winners. I had a suspicion that I might take first in the card category and became extremely nervous when the card winner was about to be announced. In those few seconds, a million thoughts ran through my mind..."is my bra strap showing," "why'd I wear high heals, I hope I can walk in them," "don't trip!"  Finally, my name was called and I gracefully made it up on stage to collect my good basket of $100 in product! Even more exciting, I quickly exited the room to have my photo taken with Jeanette Lynton (Owner and Founder of CTMH).  This was my first picture with her and what a treat to have it be as a first time contest winner.

Would you like to see my winning cards?  Well, you'll have to stop back by tomorrow.  :)


  1. You deserved it! I always love your stuff!

  2. I SAW...and voted!! I thought your cards were amazing! I'm glad you are going to post them so now I can copy them. :) Great job! Good luck on all the contests to come - hope you keep sharing!

  3. I'm soooo very happy for you! You totally deserve it!I can't wait to see the cards! Congratulations! Take care!


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