Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Watch out world...

Conner is officially a Kindergartner! This morning he climbed on the bus with the neighbor boys and was on his way.  Brian and I quickly jumped in the car and drove to the school to ensure that I'd be able to capture more pictures of him getting off the bus (and make sure that he was safe and sound with his teacher).  I am very lucky in that Conner has buddies across the street - one in 2nd grade and one in K.  Alan the older of the two deserves a prize.  He quickly wrangled his brother and Conner and escorted them to their teacher. With him there, I know they'll arrive safely each morning - what a blessing.

I'll admit that I choked up a couple of times (and lost just a few tears in the car).  It is rather unbelievable to watch my little man growing up!

Now that Conner is off to Kindergarten and I'll have 2+ hours of naps from Blake during the time Conner is gone. Boy do I have big plans. Can you believe I am going to have approximately 10 hours a week without kiddo interruptions?!  Crazy cool!
Conner was so tuckered out last night after a family get together I was able to capture this picture.  Sleep tight little guy, tomorrow is a big day!
Conner was so excited waiting for the bus - he wondered why it wasn't already there!
I love this shot of him running to me across the street to wait for the bus to arrive!
Conner got a bit nervous when getting on the bus - he kept asking where he was supposed to sit (K's are allowed to sit in the first 5 rows only). The bus driver was really sweet and let him sit with the neighbor boys - three to seat.
Conner getting off the bus at school for the very first time.  Check out the look on his face as he takes in the many students already waiting on the curb.
"We have the same teacher! Yay!"
Thank you Alan for taking care of the boys!
He is trying to show the teacher that he already has a name tag on :)
All the kids waved good bye to the parents. I know we all wanted to follow them into the room - but that would have been super distracting. So off we all went...

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