Thursday, June 16, 2011

My Name is Christine & I'm addicted to Krylon Spray Paint

Last week I enjoyed a morning out with my neighbor, Amy. We had breakfast and then hit the local Goodwill, where I picked up a few vases and candlesticks. Before heading home I stopped at Home Depot. I had intended on purchasing only one can of spray paint, but oh, the glorious colors lured me in. I left HD with a total of 5 cans (side note: I went back last night for one more can and got carded, I think they thought I was up to no good after purchasing so many in such a short time). 

With a can (or multiple cans) of spray paint, I was able to turn boring old vases and candlesticks into these beauties! I'm in love and have already cleaned out our local Goodwill of their remaining candlesticks and appropriate sized/shaped vases.

They look so much better and are far more functional that the other jars I had my ribbon in.

Cost for these jars = $8.00, plus a small amount of paint and adhesive. Rockin' deal if I do say so myself!

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  1. OMG Christine, I am addicted to that stuff too! I have almost that same color green and can't get enough of it! I just got some candlesticks at the dollar store and was going to also make some sort of tiered tray for my craft room! I need to go get aqua too :)

    Are you also thinking "hmmmm...what else can I paint?" haha! If the paint weren't behind locks and it wasn't so blasted difficult to buy the stuff everything in my house would be painted :)


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