Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer has begun! Sample Studio J for FREE

Summer has begun around here. Well, maybe the weather hasn't shown signs of summer, but Conner is out of school and the count down to Close To My Heart Convention has begun. Blogging time has been limited, but I've carved out a few minutes to remind you to get your free sample of Studio J. Until June 30th you can create a layout and download a free jpg of your layout to print if you'd like, post on Facebook,  email, etc.

I know you have photos waiting to be shared!
Get Your Studio J Sample Today
*create a free account to get started

WARNING: Creating your first Studio layout may create an addiction to creating layouts faster than ever before while still enjoying your traditional (paper, scissors, glue) layouts.

You could have this:

Photos sadly lost in folders on your computer...

Or you could have this:

A complete album of your photos to sit proudly on your coffee table (shelf) to share with family and friends and enjoy for years to come! Studio J is so quick that these layouts were all completed in a single day! Plus, I was able to make additional copies for my in-laws and my parents as gifts.
It doesn't have to be SJ or Traditional, the two worlds blend beautifully together.
I added flowers, ribbons and sparkles to the printed version of this layout. 

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