Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And the adventure begins...

What a journey it has been to get to this day! Today we signed the papers for our construction loan. At times it felt like we would never actually build our home and now we are here. This afternoon we moved the rest of our belongings into our free standing garage. The boys are tucked in for the night (on the other side of the curtain). It is going to be an adjustment to be right on top of eachother and to have to have things extremely quiet once the boys are down, at least for awhile. I hope to eventually work them into having a set of lights on so that I can work on my scrapbooking (I am going to have a lot to scrapbook).

I have to share Conner's highlight of the day...our Porta Potty was delivered. He was estatic that it was ours and we'd get to keep it during construction! I'd have to admit that I was rather excited and silly about the whole thing...and yes, I did take pictures during the delivery. Luckily the delivery man was a character, otherwise he would have really thought I was NUTS taking pictures. My excitement is not really for the Porta Potty, but what it represents...soon we will break ground and men will be working on my dream home! But before I end for the night, I have to share some of the conversations I had with Conner today...

Right after it was delivered...
Conner: "Oooh, I have to go potty."
Conner: "What is this!!" (a urinal in the corner) "I'm not tall enough to pee in that."
Mommy: "Well, we can get a stool." (he was all over that)
Conner: "Oooh, I have to go poopie...Mommy why is there water in it..."
he goes potty, hops off and with joy says "Look MOMMY potty in there..."
(by the way, I think he would have stayed in there for longer than the 10 minutes I had to endure standing there while he was ooing and awing over it, had I not told him that I had enough - I hate outhouses)

On our way to the bank...
Conner: "Mommy I have to go potty."
Mommy: "I am sure the bank has a potty honey."
Conner: "No, I don't want to use the bank potty...I want to use my PORTA POTTY!"

With that, I am going to call it a night. Tomorrow we start demolition of the mobile home!


  1. All I can say is "Honey...you've got more internal fortitude than I do." I don't know how big a dream I would have to have in order to use a porta potty day in and day out. I say "You go Girl!" I wish you the best and hope you share pictures along the way!

    And I think you are really better off that Connor thinks this is the Great Adventure...it would be worse if he was not into it. I guess we have to count our blessings...no matter how odd they may seem at the moment!

  2. Yay!!! Congrats on the house business!!! How exciting for you guys:-)

  3. Congrats on the new potty, we had one too. Megan and Eric loved it, me...not so much.


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