Saturday, July 5, 2008

Down comes the house...

Ok, I have a ton of other pictures to show you, but this video is cool and I want to share it right away. The house is no more than a roof and a floor now. Pulling it down was bittersweet. We walked through it one last time, captured a couple of pictures. Now the boys are working on pulling off the roof and getting as much in the dumpster as possible. After uploading this video, I am going to go start lunch.


  1. Conner is a real cutie and I have to say, you are like a pioneer woman to me! Love seeing the pictures and the video. When the roof fell, you had to be awed! Good luck with the rest of this process -- I'm enjoying the peeks into your progress!

  2. Thanks for sharing the pictures and the video. You are having quite an adventure.


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