Monday, July 21, 2008

Fingers Crossed...

The power guy came today and brightened my week. Literally, he restored power after making us jump through hoops for close to a week. Living on extension chords and power from our neighbor has made life quite the experience. With enough power to keep our fridge running, the tv for the kiddo and a light or two it has been tough to get much done.

If you have emailed me or called me during this outage and you have not heard from me (and need me right away), please call me at home at 425.413.4280. My email is crazy full and I don't have high hopes of being able to get through all of it before I leave for Convention.

Speaking of Convention, say a prayer for me. I have a lot of artwork preparation still to complete in a short time (made even shorter by having kiddos). Having power will speed the process **I hope**. This is also the first time I am leaving Blake, who is exclusively nursed. I am lucky to have a fantastic hubby, it just always makes me jittery to leave the family behind.

Thank you for all of your support!

1 comment:

  1. ciao christine! i hope your power outage has been totally alleviated and you had a great time at your convention! i sure enjoyed my su! convention! i wanted to stop by and say hello! have a great weekend!
    former ctmh sister


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