Tuesday, September 16, 2008

House Pictures (Part 7)

Things are getting closer. Brian and Andrew have a couple of things to tie up and then it is time for inspections. Once those are done, Mike takes back over and we start things such as insulating and sheet rocking. I can't wait to see the walls become actual walls.

Yesterday was a fun day. We have done quite well with our budget. Actually, I should say Mike did an amazing job and by doing the mechanical and Andrew helping out with the electrical, things are looking good. So, since we had to reselect our flooring, tile and counter tops to go with the change in cabinets, we looked at upgrading just a bit. We are still waiting on the numbers to make sure that we haven't totally blown our budget (by miles) out of the water.

The Walnut Pre-Finished Hardwood flooring is going to cover most of our floors (entry, hall, living room and kitchen). Some of the colors don't appear on camera as they do in person. The Corian (which we may look at Granite) is actually like chocolate milk. I love all of it, however the border tile makes me really excited. The leaves are shiny and actually reflect the color of the cabinets perfectly.

Rather simplistic in the bathrooms and utility rooms. Our back splash will have just a row of the 2 x 2 tiles. The color palettes for the entire house go together rather well, cohesive.

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