Thursday, September 18, 2008

My Creations Memory Box - Extravaganza Artwork

I was looking through my files and found my pictures from Convention Extravaganza (the class that I taught. It is hard to believe that I haven't shared them with my loyal blog readers. My goal was to share them right after my open house, life just got super crazy.

It was such a pleasure to be selected as a Convention (Extravaganza) teacher. My buddy Nona and I were selected to teach the new My Creations Memory Box. Honestly, at first we were a little less than thrilled with the though of teaching about a box. Yet the ideas begin to flow and I fell in love with the boxes. These pictures are just the five display boards (since we only received three boxes to take assembled). When I have a few moments to get pictures of the completed boxes, I'll be sharing those as well.

I hope that you'll like these as much as I did. It is my guess that you will since those at my open house were wowed by them!

There is a bit of a funny story about this box. I was looking forward to giving this box to Conner's upcoming preschool teacher. Well, there are only two teachers he could have and I was sure that it was Miss Karrie. Big oops, I remembered incorrectly. So, I'll be recreating the cover before Christmas


  1. These are great! I have to do one now!

  2. Great ideas for the new box! I bought one because I LOVE doing these things, but haven't gotten around to making anything with it. Thanks for the inspiration to get my creativity working. Yours turned out WONDERFUL!
    --Tammy D.


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