Thursday, January 8, 2009

How's a FREE or discounted class sound?

Sunday, February 8th @ 2:30pm
in the New Dream Studio (my home)
This class is designed especially for those customers who earn the Heart of Winter: Key To My Heart paper packet with spectacular stamp set for free with a $130 purchase. In addition to the great paper packet, you'll be treated to a workshop creating 5 cards and an adorable My Creations box card keeper. Check out my website for more details and be sure to enter the contest as well. (Email or Call 425.413.4280 to Join Us)

However, I don't want those who receive the paper packet to miss out, so I have decided to offer a discounted class option. When you spend $75 and purchase the Key To My Heart kit for an additional $20, you'll be able to attend the class for a reduced price of just $12.00. (Email or Call 425.413.4280 to Join Us)
Finally, if you aren't as smitten with the KTMH kit as I am, you can attend the workshop for $26.50 which includes your choice of paper packets. (Email or Call 425.413.4280 to Join Us)
EDITED TO ADD: Denise asked " I was wondering how you did the stamp of the 2 bigger hearts. I like the fact that it has the darker side ." I did what is called Stamp Rolling. It is really easy and adds a lot of interest to the stamped image. Ink your image, stamp it off once on a scratch piece of paper and then roll the edges of your stamp back on the same stamp pad or a slightly darker one to add "shading" and stamp the image. Voila, shaded images without a lot of work. I love this technique with leaves using fall colors to mimic the color change. Always remember to start with the lightest color first - don't want to mess up your stamp pads with darker colors.


  1. Hi Christine! I have been looking at your blog for a few months now and I really like your stuff. I'm a fellow CTMH'er so I like to look at what others are doing to give me inspiration. I was wondering how you did the stamp of the 2 bigger hearts. I like the fact that it has the darker side and I originally thought you might have clear embossed it and sponged darker ink on the right side but then I remembered that the cut out parts would not have been embossed. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Hi Denise -

    I replied to your question at the bottom of the post - highlighted in red. :)

  3. These all look fabulous, TFS!

  4. Beautiful cards all of them!


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