Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Creative Mess...

Well, a little while back I dared Nona to post her "shove method" that she employs on scrap night. She takes all the stuff from two of her three tables and shoves it all over to her table so that her friends have clean tables to scrap on. Last night as I got up to head to bed, after scrapping for several hours, I looked at my mess of a room. I spend more time cleaning up than I do creating. Such a sad thing, so I decided to put it out of my mind and worked in a mess. I am proud to say that I have accomplished three new scrapbook layouts, instead of putting everything away this time. *...but I'll be cleaning up the mess a bit later, can't handle it being this way for too long, lol.


  1. I dunno... still looks pretty tidy to me! ;) LOL - sometimes the messiness helps bring out the creative inspiration!

  2. This is your mess?! {Shaking head sadly in dismay--or is it shame} That would be my scrap room on a good day. Whenever I tell my kids to clean their playroom, my smart alec 6 year old says, "When you clean your room, Mommy". Glad you were able to finish 3 layouts.


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