Monday, April 7, 2008

Very Lucky

I am working very hard to get Conner's first album completely put together. I typically scrap things as I am inspired...which has left me with many projects left undone and I am ready to have at least one done. So, my goal has been to get 2004 done for Conner. Shouldn't be to hard, right, since Conner was born in July giving me just 5 months to scrapbook for the year. Well, I have discovered that I take far too many pictures. ;) At this point he is likely to have more than a couple of books per year of life. Which, yikes, means that I am farther behind than I thought. At any rate it has been so much fun to go back and scrapbook these fun pictures at the same time of having Blake. I get to remember the milestones that Conner crossed first and then relive them as Blake crosses them. I only wish that I had so many pictures of me as a child, the wonders digital photography has done for remembering moments in our lives.
*Click on image for a closer view. The colors are a bit off, but I decided not to spend too much time fixing that. When we start getting sunshine around here, I'll take them outside so they are more true to color.

All Supplies Close To My Heart: Visit for ordering information. "Very Lucky" designed by me and cut out on the Pazzles.

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