Thursday, August 21, 2008

House Pictures (Part 2)

Standing at this point, you used to look at the front of the mobile home. Once it was down, we stood in awe of how pretty our property really is. We are so lucky! What looks like a pile junk up there is actually all the wood to start building the house.

In just one day they framed the floor. We have a nice crawl space. It is taking shape.

Another day later, they have the floor covered. Conner is just in heaven. I was teasing him that he was being naughty and telling him to go to his room. He'd giggle and run over to the space that will soon be his. After that he just ran laps. And yes, I know it isn't the safest thing to let my son run barefoot in a construction zone...but unless I duct tape the shoes on there is little choice.

Piles and piles of dirt is a little boys dream. Can't you just feel the joy oozing from him?

My sweet little bug boy. He can pick up nearly any bug and not get bit. Now granted potato bugs are big biters (lol), but he had been picking up fire ants before this.

Until the cozy house is finished, this is our "tub." For most baths we visit our family members. Without a doubt the boys would prefer that we always bathe them in this tub. Look at how dirty they are! The water looked the chocolate milk after this cleaning.

The walls go up! And isn't it fitting that my scraproom wall would be the first to be raised. Dreams are becoming reality.
Okay, now you have to wait until tomorrow for a new set of pictures. I promise they'll be good ;)


  1. Wow! It is coming along. I can't imagine the stress of building a house, but the outcome will be so wonderful!


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