Thursday, August 28, 2008

House Pictures (Part 5)

Things are moving just a little slower right now. The roof is on and has been for a bit, but I didn't have great pictures to share. It seems that I have misplaced my kit lens and so I have had to shoot these with my 50mm. I love my 50mm, but for wider shots in tight space, it just doesn't cut it. So, cross your fingers that I find my other lens.

The choice of roof coloring is awesome. We chose something called architectural which means it has some nice "texture" appearance to it. The color is a warm, neutral that will go great with whatever color we paint the house in the future.
This is a shot of the entrance from the driveway. The door goes in the recessed area behind the column. Again, the large window on the right of the picture is my scraproom.

This shots shows you some of the great detail in the roof with the gables. The windows are the boys rooms. The gable over the window will have what is called knee braces to dress it up. We love the look of craftsman style and Mike Connelly our builder has the same style. He makes our lives so easy. What a blessing it was to find him and his wife (their company)!

This is the side of the house from the driveway. The window towards the back (left of the picture) is our master bathroom, the little window up high is the window over the shower in the kids bathroom and the three 2 x 2 windows are in Conner's bedroom. We are adding a belly band and shingles above the line to add interest to this side of the house.

Since I can't find my other lens, I couldn't get a good full shot of my door. Which actually turned out to be a positive because I love how this picture turned out. After having a standard mobile home door that I hated (no embellishments hear ladies), I am in love with my new door. It actually may be my favorite part of the house!

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  1. The door picture did turn out really cool! Things are coming along nicely, can't wait to see more pics soon!


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