Saturday, August 23, 2008

House Pictures (Part 4)

The walls are up. Brian is standing in my scraproom. I can see a good portion of the yard from it. What I can't see, we are talking about adding cameras so that I can see. Conner loves to be outside ALL the time! But I have to be able to see him at all times, so the cameras along with Tyson as his guardian will make life just a bit easier.

These are our trusses. Brian even got to be home to see them arrive. We sat out in the back of the truck for the best view. So cool!

The peaks are super tall! Jenn actually drove by one day and thought that maybe we had decided to build a two story home.

The framers and roofers overlapped. Even before the framing was truly complete, the roofers were throwing the black paper on the roof.

The house is framed and the windows are in. Our dreams are coming true!
Thank you for sharing in our dream home progress. If you take anything from this, I hope that it is a greater understanding that you too can achieve your dreams. We ran into so many that said it couldn't be done or implied it. Keeping our eyes on our dream we kept moving forward. At times I doubted that it would happen, but I didn't let that stop me either. As Randy Pausch (known for his Last Lecture - watch it if you haven't seen it) said, brick walls are only there to prove to yourself how much you want something. Don't let a brick wall stop you from accomplishing what you heart desires!
There are still new pictures coming! I'll get those today, but tomorrow I plan on sharing a couple of cute cards that I have been busy creating. As my title says...Creatively is Calling.

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