Friday, August 22, 2008

House Pictures (Part 3)

Happy would be an understatement when describing how we feel about the house progress!

The outside walls are up and you can even start to see the shapes of the rooms. This is a picture of the left (when looking at the entry) side of the house. The rooms you see are the two bathrooms, our walk in closet and our bedroom. We realize that these rooms are not big. It is funny to understand Brian and I as a couple. We are such a great fit. Most couples experience a lot of disagreements while building, we have been on the same page the entire time. So, when it came to having big bathrooms, we opted for rooms that were efficient and easy to maintain. No need for two sinks and a separate shower for either of us.

Every night we come up to the house after the workers are gone and walk through the entire house. We love being on site! This shot is looking towards the front of the house. The rooms with the big windows are the boys rooms. They are going to share a room and have a playroom while they are little.

This shot is the looking toward the back of the house. I love all of my windows! When they were designing the house I must have ask for big windows a hundred times. The designer told me the sizes of the windows and I just laughed and politely asked..."but are those going to be big." The mobile home had the standard mobile home windows and was dark even during the day time. Winters were really hard for me. Now with these windows and our 9ft ceilings, I think things will be much "brighter."

This is the "big" side of our house. We strove to have our space in the living areas of our home. Here you get a look at our entry way, the open kitchen with an island, our utility room with guest bathroom and of course my dream scrap room (which could always be turned into an amazing rec room - right).

Tomorrow you'll be treated to an outside view of the house up!

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