Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Come a long ways baby!

From time to time, I have someone say that they wish their art could look as good as mine. Of course, I say that all the time about those that I look up to. But everytime I hear a comment like that I try to assure them that I had to learn along the way. I don't think they often believe me, so I am offering up proof. These cards are a few that I found while moving out of the mobile home. I made them at my very first CTMH card class back in 1999.

Now fast forward to just a week or so ago when I finally created a card that I am super proud of. It is all my creation, no looking to someone else for inspiration. My dear customer Amy (whom I adore) was given a gift of her choice of scrap supplies by her momma. So, I had to go all out on this special card for her...you know how it is when you know you art will be appreciated. ;)


  1. Love seeing things like this...love the bottom cards, wow!!

    I'm excited for you guys to soon be moving in, can't wait ot see picts!!

  2. That is an awesome card! I just might have to lift this one!

    When can I come and see the house?! I'm so excited for you guys!

  3. Wow! I'm a beginner and I hope I can make cards like the bottom one some day!

  4. This card rocks! I love the design and the colors. Beautiful job!


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