Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Update on the House

I have been really quiet lately because of the progress on the house. Things are moving so quickly now that my head is spinning. We are just weeks away from being able to move in. This last week we finish up the last of our painting and I love the colors we have selected. The hard floors are in (hardwood in majority of the house and vinyl in the bathrooms). Cabinets are in and done. Counters are in the bathrooms and utility room. Concrete slabs (patio, walk ways and porches) are done and beautiful. The septic is in and sign off on, we just have to wait for the official paperwork which could take a couple of weeks. They are working on painting the millwork and trim this week. In the next couple of weeks we are looking at some of the finishing touches like the kitchen countertop, finish plumbing, carpet, door handles...all the little details.
We are almost there!

I'll post pictures very soon I promise. The garage is rather cold, so tonight I am going to go crawl under my heating blanket and read a book.

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