Monday, February 2, 2009

Home Decorating/Uppercase Living

I am having so much fun decorating my new house. When we were in the mobile home I never had the desire to dress it up. I had my loved family pictures up on the wall, but never anything I would consider art. This is a picture of the shelf in my guest bathroom/laundry room. A little while back I was talking to a friend who does Uppercase Living and came to the conclusion that because I had so many ideas of decorating with the product, that I should just sign up. So, I did. The "do something Creative everyday" is one of the first things I purchased. Yes, I know it is an interesting statement for my bathroom, but hey it is my scraproom bathroom and I am loving it. :)

No worries, UL isn't going to take over, I am still all about Close To My Heart. If you are interested in vinyl lettering/expressions for your wall, I am happy to share though and you can even explore the website at

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