Monday, February 23, 2009

Nona's Knits / One Darned Cute Boy

My buddy Nona knitted my boys two of her McSteamy hats. I was so thrilled when I got them and put them on my boys, they made their eyes pop. We purchased the adult size, so I could roll up the edges and the boys could continue to wear them for years to come. Blake was the perfect model. Maybe someday soon I can convince Conner to pose for a few pictures.
To purchase your own McSteamy hat, contact Nona at

One note about the last picture. For some reason this kid likes to stick his tongue out. When I see this picture I flash forward to a 15 year old Blake rockin' to KISS (I really hope not, but he looks like he might give me a run for my money).


  1. I posted a comment on Nona's blog, but I had to post here too...he's an adorable model for Nona's hats. Love how his personality shines thru. Yep, he's gonna be a ton of fun as he grows up.

    Thanks for sharing all that you share. I know I don't comment, but I sure do enjoy reading your blog!

  2. What a CUTIE!!! Also LOVE all the stuff Nona does...she's so talented! Thanks for sharing your blue-eyed model!!


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