Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lessons Learned: Hair

We are entering a new phase of childhood/parenthood.  Up until this point we were blissfully unaware of the many lessons that we'd be facing as our children grow up. This lesson is probably not a biggie, but it did teach Conner about having to accept consequences.  

As most children do, Conner cut his hair by himself.  I discovered it as we were heading out the door to preschool. It struck me as rather funny, so I had to refrain from giggling in his present and instead explain that we only let Grandma cut our hair.  We talked about how we would have to shave it all off when we got back home.  Most likely I could have done something far less drastic with his hair, but I wanted the lesson to stick.  He was not thrilled about having his hair shaved off and was rather upset when it was done.  Momma never even had to get mad about the situation and I think he'll think twice about cutting his hair again.

The funny thing is that we have all sort of gotten used to him with no hair and like it. He has such a perfectly shaped head [you can see that he was held all the time as a baby, lol].

I have another lesson we learned just this weekend, but I'll save that for another day.


  1. I remember fondly the days of short hair on my boys... now they're 8 & 11, the 8 yo doesn't care too much, but the 11 yo... don't even joke about cutting it all off, nothing like a tween & his hair! Thanks for the chuckle & walk down memory lane! ~P

  2. Very good lesson learned! Good thing you have boys. I always threaten my kids that I'll shave their head if they don't take care of their hair (wash and comb). My bad though because I'd NEVER follow through...they're girls!


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