Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Final Day to Join CTMH for $64.50 (50% Off)

Over 6 years ago, I joined Close To My Heart. I was a brand new momma that couldn't bear to leave my child and return to work even though we were struggling financially. Close To My Heart provided me a way to stay home with Conner while still earning an income. What a blessing CTMH has been in my life!

That is why I joined Close To My Heart. Your reason will be all your own, but it might include:

 - The kit at 50% off kit is just too good to pass up! For just a little over the cost of two Workshops on the Go, you'll receive your choice of over $300 in goodies.

- You'd like a 22% discount on all your favorite Close To My Heart supplies.

- You want to have LOTS OF FUN! And boy - o - boy do we have fun. This is a photo of our retreat last year. We spent the weekend crafting and laughing so hard our abs were sore. Most of these ladies attended as customers and are now team members. 

The list of "whys" is as numerous as our family of Consultants and is as unique as each one. Whatever, your reasons for wanting to join, I encourage you not to wait. Take a leap of faith today, because tomorrow the kit will be back to full price!
A few more details: 

- Quarterly minimums are only $300 and your purchases count. With your 22% discount, that works out to be just $78 a month. Get together with a friend or two to work on the Workshops on the Go each month and you'll be able to easily achieve the minimums.

- Quick Start Program - in your first 90 days you have the opportunity to earn $264 in commission PLUS $100 in select product credit. Most of my downline are doing this with just 3 to 5 parties 

- Join today and you'll have all of July through September to meet your first quarterly minimum.

- Junior Consultant Program - unable to meet the $300 minimum, submit $100 in orders per quarter and still enjoy a 10% discount. Best news is that when you submit $300 in a quarter you will raise back up to active Consultant and 22% discount!

- No Inventory - you are able to submit any size order at any time.

- New Products - get all the new products before anyone else during our preview period, 1 month before the catalog goes live. That means in July you can start ordering from the brand new Autumn/Winter Idea Book!

- You'll have access to the best training and resources.

- Team Awards! I love celebrating my team members accomplishments by awarding them with prizes. Ask me what my special is for this month for all new team members! 

or Contact me today and request a
free information kit on becoming a CTMH Consultant. 

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