Monday, May 10, 2010

I sure do love this little guy!

Blake is such a joy in my life! From the moment he was placed in my arms, I was awe struck. I wish I could explain the feeling I have when I see his face (whether full of joy or hacked off because he isn't getting to do what he wants) - my heart flutters. 

Sure there are times where he stretches my patience as his mother and if you call me you are likely to hear one of the following phrases...

- "Out of the oven Blake"
- "Off the top of the piano Blake"
- "Please don't eat the fish oils capsules."
- "Honey, please no fishing in the fish tank."
- "Poison control, my son consumed ______ (fill in the blank)."

But you know, I wouldn't change a thing! I love him as he is and I welcome the journey ahead as I do my best to keep him safe as he grows.

Recently, he decided that he loves his helmet (he wears it when he gets to ride the motorcycle with Daddy in the yard).  However, he has decided that it should be a permanent fixture on his head.  Go ahead and say that it is a normal 2 year old right of passage (like the need for a specific security blanket), but I have a feeling that Blake knows as well as we all do that the helmet comes in handy for more than just riding bikes and motorcycles.  So, I welcome this new accessory as it may save us from another trip to the ER!

1 comment:

  1. Cracks me up!

    This week, our phrases are:
    Jack, no more paper airplanes today.
    Jack, DO NOT throw paper airplanes at Mommy when she's driving.
    Jack, stop eating fruit and eat your hot dog.
    Jack, get back in the bath and stop dripping water in my kitchen.


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