Thursday, May 6, 2010

National Scrapbook Day Crop Recap

Now that I have put all my crop supplies away, it is time for a National Scrapbook Day crop recap. This last Saturday, May 1st, 31 ladies joined us for our all day crop.

Upon arrival each lady (still looking for a few talented guys to start joining us) was greeted with a custom made purse filled with goodies and supplies for the techniques we would be teaching throughout the day. AND of course, the brand new Idea Book, which was a huge hit. There was lots of oohing and awing.

Thank you to Stephanie Dawson for providing the "kitchen equivalent magnets" and to Stacy McDowell for the sweet smelling PartyLite tea lights.

Everyone quickly settled in and prepped their space for a full day of crafting.
Once the majority of the ladies had arrived, it was time for the Ice Breaker game. We divided the group up into 4 teams. Each team was given a baggie of supplies and instructed that everything in the bag must be used on the card. The catch, the card must be assembled relay style - each person may only add one item to the card during their turn and there was to be no giving instructions from the sideline. All the cards would be signed be each team member and sent to Jeanette Lynton. The team to complete their card the fastest would be the winning team, so knowing that it was going to Jeanette ensured that they would still strive to be extremely creative. What a blast it was to watch all the ladies with widely different styles work together as a team - many having just met for the first time.
Team #1 was the first to complete their card and win the prize! Check out their smiles in the first team photo :)

Then it was time for a scrumptious lunch, followed by an afternoon of crafting, shopping and technique classes.

After dinner, we enjoyed desert while voting on the wonderful art contest entries. Alicia and I were amazed at how creative all the ladies were in using the supplies that came in their goody bags. I wish that I had managed to snap a photo of each piece of artwork.

The winning layout featured a darling red head and an exceptional use of color. Congratulations to Dawn F. - her prize was a handmade cupcake and a gift certificate for $20 off our Fall Scrapbooking Retreat this October.

Thank you ladies for a marvelous day. Alicia and I are already looking forward to next year!
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  1. Ohhhhh! Looks like TONS of fun was had by all! I love the ice breaker game...will have to incorporate that at my next event. Great job!


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