Monday, November 8, 2010

Feeling Extraordinary, CTMH Leadershare Recap

This weekend was a blast and has me feeling extraordinary! Close To My Heart partnered with an upline of mine, Naomi, to create a marvelous team meeting!

Kristine Widtfeldt, VP of Sales and Marketing, kicked off the day with a thought provoking presentation about being extraordinary. We all have something that makes us extraordinary, if we'd only take the time to see it. Do you know what makes you extraordinary? I'd love to challenge you to acknowledge your strengths. Shout them at loud. Okay, shouting at the computer might have you feeling a little silly, so how about you post a comment sharing your strengths. I'll admit that I am all too often one of those people who sell themselves short and fails to acknowledge personal strengths. So, I am extra thankful for Kristine's reminder and a personal touch she added just for me.

Being a part of Close To My Heart has been a phenomenal experience for me. Just a couple of weeks ago, I celebrated my 6th CTMH Birthday and marvel at how far I have come from the girl who joined to the blessed team leader I am today. This weekend I was ecstatic to have 6 of my downline join me at Leadershare! Each one of these ladies have amazing gifts and I feel lucky to have them as part of my team and can't wait to watch their transformations over the years :)

More highlights from Saturday:
We raised over $1000 for Operation Smile through our donated artwork auction, which will pay for 4 life changing surgeries to giving children their smiles back. *Even though my darling Blake broke my window at the last minute, it still brought in a significant donation.

My upline Naomi treated me and two other winners (we had to complete the most lines on a Bingo board) to a scrumptious lunch at 13 Coins with the Close To My Heart Executives. Thank you Naomi!

The Corporate Art Department created stunning layouts for award recipients. Imagine my delight to be able to bring two of these babies home!  I can't wait to add my photo to these and predominately display them!

Does this sound like something that you'd like to experience yourself? 
I'd love to share more with you about joining my team, you can find out more details on my website, email me or call me (425) 413-4280.
*Remember to ask me about the unbelievable offer I have for those who join my Close To My Heart Get Creative team in November!

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