Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Basic Step Right 1, 2, 3 - Roll...

Well, that isn't exactly what the step aerobics instrutor said, but that is just what my ankle and I did. I'm such a goober!

I recently joined a new gym and have been having so much fun taking the classes offered. In highschool, I spent my senior year taking Step classes and lost a ton of weight. So when I saw that the gym offered Step, I couldn't pass it up. I didn't quite expect that I would leave such a lasting impression on the instructor.

Step is much harder with all the extra weight and being even more out of shape, plus learning a new routine (with an instructor that never stopped). I was tripping over my feet left and right and on one trip over the step, I came down on my tip toe and rolled my ankle. Everything was in slow motion as I did my best to regain my balance, but the floor was calling me. As gracefully as I could I hit the floor with a thud and rolled right back up and completed the routine. Not one soul in the class said a word. I hope though that at least I gave them a good laugh on the inside.

Believe it or not, I'll be back in class next week!


  1. Glad I am not the only goober in this family!!

    You know just because I fell off my Bosu ball last week and twisted my ankle doesn't mean you have to follow my example.

    Hope your ankle is ok.

  2. Good one Nona! I was actually wondering the same thing! ;0)

    You are so silly Christine! Thanks for the great story!


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