Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day Goodies

Now I have you all drooling, don't I? Brian impressed me this Valentine's Day and I can't say I deserved such a great evening. My hubby is so level that often he misses days like Valentine's Day and other days you are expected to give gifts. This year, I didn't expect anything and so on Weds. when I figured that he had not done anything yet, I told him that if he had not done anything not to bother. I mean really, with two little boys bonking me on the head all day long, the last thing I wanted was a card he stopped to get on his way home making him late. He just smiled at me. He knows me so well by now and puts up with much of my crud.

Well, that night I came down with something and had a fever all night long. About four in the morning I asked him if he could stay home from work. He had had something planned for the work day, but he lovingly stayed home to take care of me and the boys. When we woke up later, he asked me if I knew what he did for Valentine's Day. Again, being a little snotty, I said, "mmm, stayed home from work." That's when he let me in on his plans. He ordered the cake (shown above) that I love from a local bakery (we stop by every time we are in the area to see if they have a slice available - it sells out so quickly we never get one). He also lined up his parents to watch Conner, so he could take me to Zao's Noodle Bar (another favorite of mine). My being sick threw a loop in his plans, but I told him that unless I was throwing up we were going. We did go and had a fantastic time!

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  1. Thank you for sharing some of your Valentine cake with us. Ken and I enjoyed it very much!!


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