Tuesday, February 12, 2008

New Shoes!

I have wanted new shoes for quite awhile now. I refused to buy any, but a pair of flip flops while I was pregnant as it just seemed pointless. Matter of fact, other than my flip flops I have not purchased any shoes since my oldest son was 6 months old (that would be 3 years ago). Super picky I guess when it comes to my feet. My sister has a pair of Sketchers similar to these, but not so fancy. I can't say that I was drawn by the "sparkle" of these shoes. If I had a choice between a non-sparkly, paisley black and plain 'ol black I would have chosen those. But hey, I have wanted a pair of Addidas since I was in 9th grade (they were called Phantom's) and maybe the glitz will make me feel more feminine. New shoes are so much fun!

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