Monday, May 26, 2008

Kitchen Mock Up

Here is the mock up of the kitchen we were given after picking out our cabinets. Now granted the final may not look like this because we ended up picking cabinets far beyond our budget (the guy didn't listen well and showed us an expensive line). I do think that it will end up looking close to this regardless of the cabinet selection. Any tips on where to put things like utensil drawers? Right now he has them right next to the stove. On the island is our sink and dishwasher.


  1. Well, I put our forks, spoons and ect. in the drawer to the left of our dishwasher (which is under the cabinet we keep or plates). And we put the spatulas and cooking utensils in the drawer next to the stove top. It's pretty handy.

    I know how excited you must be. Good luck with everything!

  2. Wow, this is something I can help you with, yay!

    So, first of all, are you a person that likes to have a canister on their counter top w/ often used utensils, like spatulas and spoons? Consider that, and consider how you cook. Imagine yourself standing at the oven, you need a spoon, where is the natural place for it to be?

    I recommend that you have your flatware drawer right underneath where you will store your dishes. That way you stand in one place and grab all you need for plates and utensils.

    For cooking utensils, I say the two drawers on either side of your oven. And look into the Blum line of drawer organizers. I couldn't live without mine, although I do think IKEA now makes something similar. You can email me for more details on that. This might be the longest comment ever. And I'm not even finished. :O)

    I would also use a drawer in the island, if you have one, for your aluminum foil/plastic wrap center. The island is where you'll be putting away most things, either to get them ready for the dishwasher, or the fridge. So that will be the most convenient place for that drawer.

    Okay, I'll stop now. Email me if you want to chat about this, I could go on for days.

  3. Christine,

    You might not want your sink right at the edge of your island because you don't have a place to put the dirty pans you want to wash. Also, see if they can build in a hidden wastebasket in the island so as you are cleaning veggies, etc, you can open a door, tip it out and pitch whatever you don't want going down the disposal. Make certain there is electricity in the island too!

  4. Wow guys! You rock!! I knew that you'd be able to assist me with where to place the silverware.

    Melanie - So far that is where the utensil drawer is and now I am seeing that it makes sense.

    Lisa - I am such an organizing freak that I am surely going to have to check out Blum. It makes me "happy" to see organization behind doors!

    Tami - Great point about the sink being at the end. I'm going to have to think about that one. I don't know if I get much of an option since the island really can't be bigger and I don't know if the dishwasher could go anywhere else, hmmmm. So much to think about.

  5. ok, I see that you have your sink & DW in the island and that is probably it for the island (no additional cabinets there). And since I do think it would be nuts to have the dishwasher NOT next to the sink, leave it that way. Make sure you have outlets there if that's where you'll be mixing or anything that requires electricity. (I MISS my island with plugs where my son could be on one corner while I was on the other mixing up goodies.)

    Would you maybe want a wider top on the island to eat on? (if you plan to put bar stools there and have someone sitting there & eating or writing while you're in the kitchen?) If not, what you have is good.

    Looks like you have drawers above each cabinet, that is great! And I'm guessing you have a bank of drawers? Think about what cabinets/drawers you would most need to open as you put things away from emptying the dishwasher. If it's the drawers, put them to the left of the stove so it's not competing against its corner cabinet and is conveinently located by the dishwasher.

    I like a drawer by the stove with potholders, etc. And another with utensils, spatulas, etc. Make sure that they do not wall off the corner between two cabinets (if pre-made bases are going in, you'll lose that corner space. If they put on a face frame, then you have a cabinet with a single door but double cabinet width behind, great for those little used stuff.)

    And if you expect your kids to help you set the table, put dishes away, etc try to have a place for dishes that is at their level. Might mean a lower cabinet is dedicated for plates & glasses, or that you have a full bank of cabinets from floor to ceiling (if you have the space for it, maybe next to the fridge?) That is something I dont have but wish I do.


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