Saturday, May 17, 2008

Super duper good news...

Yesterday morning we received some extra special good news. We are approved for our financing on our home. Now we just have to get them our contract with our builder, a set of prints and the final numbers. As soon as we do that they'll send for an appraisal and as long as it appraises close to what we anticipate that it will, we are ready to go.

It was a bit of a scary situation since we are really pushing the envelope. The lender requested more documents than I could have ever guessed and honestly, if she had asked for blood I wouldn't have been surprised. Since I am a stay home mom and we are going to be on a very tight budget, I had to write a letter explaining that I was employable and if needed that I would return to the working world. The loan officer prepared me that they may say no or ask me to return to work before granting approval. So, when she called and told me that we were approved, contingent only upon the house appraisal, I was beyond ecstatic!

On Monday, we get to go pick out flooring, countertops, millwork, doors, plumbing and more. It is going to be a busy day, but the day that we get to "create" the look and feel of the inside of our home. Sure wish I was a designer, lol.


  1. YAY!!! That is so exciting. Did I tell you that I had you on the prayer list, and Pastor prayed for you in front of the whole church?

    We're jazzed for you.

  2. Have fun shopping! I know it'll come all together nicely. Must be so exciting!

    I'd love to still have the printer if you really don't need it. Anyhoo- have a great day!

  3. No, you didn't tell me that your Pastor prayed for us. We did know that our paperwork was guided thought. ;)

    Thank you!

  4. Thanks Sparks! Yup, you sure can have the printer! I'll have Brian pull it down where I can find it and then we'll get together. The box hasn't even been opened. He'll be happy for the extra space since we have to move everything from the house out there VERY soon.


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