Sunday, July 11, 2010

Happy 6th Birthday Conner
photos through the years

Today is a very special day! I am returning home from a marvelous Convention feeling inspired and invigorated. Best of all I am returning home to celebrate Conner's 6th Birthday.  It is hard to believe that 6 years could pass so quickly.

The day Conner arrived making us a family!

On Conner's first birthday, we (Brian, I and my best friend Billie and her boyfriend William) bought him a Jeep. Everyone laughed at me because he was obviously too little to drive it. I think he was three before he really started to get it down.  We still have the Jeep and Blake loves ripping around the yard.

Conner turns two. He still has these tools, although today is has progressed from toy tools to actual tools. Building robots is one of his favorite activities. Give him a box, bolts, wires, pretty much any left over and he'll have hours of fun.

As Conner turns three, he is soon to be promoted to big brother and what an awesome big brother he will be. I love this photo! I remember the photographer apologizing that he wasn't able to get a better one of Conner. I smiled at him and told him that he did a wonderful job actually capturing "Conner." He shys away from attention and takes awhile to warm up, but he SO wants to be involved.

At four he is beginning to seem very grown up. We started preschool this year. Which he enjoys, although we are struggling learning the importance of following instructions. He is a very independent thinker and prefers his own creative endeavors over those projects the teacher wants him to complete.

Five arrives! We held a big birthday party to celebrate and invited his preschool friends (normally, we only invite family and a close friend or two). Many would assume that because Conner tends to be shy, he wouldn't want a large party. Quite the opposite, he was in heaven. He loved having everyone over and he is far more social than I am or have ever been. This summer passed quickly and soon I watched my first baby head off to Kindergarten (we won't talk about the tears I had to blink away).

Today, my sweet son turns six! I feel unbelievably blessed to have been granted the joy of having him in my life. Happy Birthday Conner! I sure do love you!

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