Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back from Creative University

On Sunday, I returned home from Creative University. Alicia and I left Thursday afternoon for Wenatchee, which is where we'd be crashing for the night. We spent a good deal of the driving laughing. Alicia's cousin, Lisa, who sweetly provided an uber comfy place to sleep for the night and a fresh batch of muffins for breakfast, commented that we were more giggly than her pre-teen daughter with her friends. When Alicia and I get going, I do feel a bit like a kid again, laughing at some of the silliest things.

In the morning we were greeted by a little snow on our way to Cour d'Alene, but the majority of the drive was beautifully sunny. We finally arrived at camp, right around 1 and it was time for the creativity to begin. After Tresa showed us our cabins, I got busy creating cards at the Card Boutique. Sheila and Donna designed some of the cutest cards that I look forward to sharing with you over the next couple of weeks. My card class attendees will even get to create a few of my favorites.

The rest of the weekend FLEW by. We ate LOTS of food, I could have skipped half the meals...not because the food was bad (it was scrumptious), it was just SO much food for me.

Our time was split between free time and classes on Saturday. I even learned a little jewelry making from Erin. Made a super girly altered clipboard with lots of fun sparkle and paper roses taught by Denise. Ate again and then wrapped up the afternoon with three more classes, which I am sad to say that I only partially made it through one (not sleeping two nights in a row caught up to me). The projects were beyond cute and I was bummed to have missed them. However, my nap felt MARVELOUS!

We stayed up as late as we possibly could muster on Saturday night finishing up as many projects as we could. Enjoyed an "extra" hour of sleep on Sunday (brunch instead of breakfast), stuffed myself yet again and then we packed up and started back home.

Even though we came home a little tired, really ready to be out of the car and enjoy our own beds, I think our weekend away made us all the more excited for our own upcoming retreat this October closer to home!

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  1. So glad you got to go and had a good time! Wish we lived closer my friend! Can't wait to see your artwork! :o)

  2. the weekend went by too fast! loved seeing you and spending time. wish we had another weekend!!!! :)


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