Thursday, March 20, 2008

My Little Yellow Fellow - Playing with Pazzles

I love the quiet that comes over the house after all my boys are sleeping...especially when I have a new toy to play with! My Pazzles Inspiration cutter came this evening and I could hardly wait to try it out. These pages don't show anything too exciting, basically I cut the page title and the sun with the Pazzles. I can't say that these are my favorite pages, but that could be because of the topic. Tomorrow I'll post some closer detail pictures and the supply list so check back.

Journaling Reads:
Jaundice, what an experience. I know I have said that I liked the coloryellow...but that didn’t mean that I wanted to have a yellow child.My poor baby was yellow before we left the hospital and within just a few additional days his levels had gone through the roof. I have a hard timelooking back at these pictures and thinking that if the hospital had kept usjust one more night to place you on a high powered light bed, we might nothave had to go down such a long road. Thankfully, we had a follow up apt justtwo days after leaving the hospital. It was obvious that something was notright. Your skin was extremely yellow, I might even say orange. Right awaythey sent us for lab work. There was talk that if the billirubin levels were toohigh you would have to be admitted to the hospital for light therapy. Wewere lucky in a way that the numbers were just under the critical stage,allowing us to keep you at home to be treated. That next day, nurses camein a set up a billi-bed (looks like a little tanning bed) and gave us instructionsthat you were to remain on it at all times unless you were eating. The lightis designed to help your body break down the billirubin making you yellow.At the same time they demanded that I supplement you with a bottle, so wewould be able to measure how much you were taking in. Wet and dirtydiapers are needed to eliminate the broken down billirubin. I broke down,I wanted to breastfeed you and didn’t want to confuse you with a bottle.Being a new Momma it was tough standing my ground, but I did my researchand felt it best to continue giving you what God intended! We used a postalscale to weigh you to ensure that you were getting enough and thankfullyyou were. Each day for over a week the nurses came once a day to prick yourpoor little heal to take blood and weigh you. We did our best keeping youon the light bed, but you HATED it. You cried and cried, it broke my heart.At times I felt so down, I had this brand new baby that I loved and adoredand wanted to hold every moment, but I had to leave you crying on thatbed. At night we placed you between us and I would prop myself up overthe edge, just so we could be close. It was the most uncomfortable position“physically,” but the most comfortable “emotionally.” Looking back a bitover a week was no time at all, but I remember going through it and thetime was slow like molasses making it feel like an eternity. We made itthrough it, you are healthy and suffered no side effects (other than being yellow for some time after the light therapy) and we continued to bondthrough breast feeding without a hitch. July 16, 2004

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