Sunday, March 9, 2008

Quick Updates - Blake & Building Permit

This morning Blake found his thumb! I had to wake Brian up so he could see our cute little guy sucking away. Conner was never interested in his thumb, so this is something new for us. He even put himself to sleep sucking on it. Ah...maybe I'll get a few more breaks here and there.

On Friday we went in for our building permit submittal apt. and things went really well. She took our packet of paper that was about an 1" tall and keep commenting that we must have done this before. My attention to detail and following directions paid off! We have one bit that we need to adjust...can you believe that unless we have a 20' (yes, 20 foot) driveway we need sprinklers in the home. Sprinklers would break the bank and make it so that we couldn't accomplish our goal. Tomorrow we'll be talking to our septic guy (which we love) and making sure that it won't mess up the septic plan, we sure don't think it will. After that I'll make a few changes to the site plan and resubmitting it and we are well on our way without issues (at least that we know of now). Good news (and scary at the same time), we were told that it would be 12 - 16 weeks and she made it sound like it could easily be on the short end of that. Yeah! One more step down, now onto all the prep work we have to do here before we receive our building permits!

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